Saturday, June 9, 2012

Essence: Black Is Back & Pure Ice: Oh Baby!

I was not expecting to wear black today. lol I'll get to why I did in a moment. First up, essence Black is Back is a beautifully smooth black cream. I do have a few of these, but I had to get the essence one, too.

How fabulous does that look? Most of my fingers got one coat, a couple got two and one rogue nail ended up with three. -_- That was my fault. It's really hard to see where black is or isn't covering more black.

Ok, so last night while I was trying to decide (so many polishes!) I did a couple color/opacity tests. I can't even find my crappy nail wheel anymore so I just did this over my (old?) polish before removing it.

I wanted to use Sinful Colors Irish Green since they had it over by the neons, but that is just way too sheer to mess with at the moment. Then I thought it was time to try Oh Baby!, but.... hrm.... if you look at my ring finger in that top picture.... that yellowness is from Oh Baby! I put it over some grey (and some white, but I went back over that with Irish Green :p) and it's yellowy!! *groans* I'm not sure if it's the polish, or if it's just that my bottle is old. I have no idea when I got it. I did find a swatch here, and it doesn't really look yellow.... I don't see myself picking up a fresh bottle, though, since Morgan Le Fay is similar enough and much prettier.

Where was I?.... oh yeah. So I tried Oh Baby over those couple of colors (uh... Julep: Annette, Zoya: Jules and Sinful Colors: Snow Me White) and decided the only way I'd get this anywhere near pretty was over black. Hence the black.

The real unfortunate bit is the same reason I wanted to do Morgan over white. Polishes like this do look good over black, but I feel you lose the intended personality. And, of course, I couldn't get the yellow tinge to show up in the bottle pic so you don't think I'm a crazy person....

See? It looks so pretty in the bottle. That's why I picked it up! Ah well.... Probably going to be reaching for another essence tonight since it's promising to be another long night and another busy day tomorrow. At least I got a few things accomplished. I just hope it ends up being enough.....

It kinda cracks me up since I started doing my polishes how many visitors are showing up on my little tracker thingy. From all over the place! So awesome and still kinda weird. Even so, it is good to know that I'm not the only obsessed crazy person out there. lol Welcome everybody! It warms my heart to see you've stopped by even if you don't comment. lol Hope everyone's enjoying their weekend.


  1. That pure Ice looks like it has layering opportunities! Also I was wondering on the third photo, what is on your ring finger?? Cos it looks like you've managed to create gingham out of white and yellow! It looks pretty lol!!

    1. LOL That is Oh Baby layered over Annette, which is like a light grey cream. It looks like the Pure Ice went on a little patchy on that nail. So weird. Glad you like it, though. :)


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