Tuesday, June 5, 2012

A England: Perceval

I mentioned yesterday that I'm not a fan of "normal" colored polishes. However, when I saw swatches of Perceval (I forget where!) I had no second thoughts about adding it to my wishlist. Lucky for me it was part of the Jubilee sale! Otherwise I probably would have waited longer. lol Anyway, thankfully I didn't have to wait because Perceval is the absolute most powerfully ambitious red ever!!

It looks so juicy! I am in love with this red. Reminds me of those, like, corporate power women. You know, the stereotypical shoulder-padded, take no crap women who claw their way to the top. Two easy coats, dried quickly. Didn't even want to risk altering the finish with a topcoat.

I wish I could find a lipstick that looks this amazing on my face! It gets better, though. Yes! Better!

(Shiny on the left, matte on the right) OMG! With the matte topcoat this reminds me of blood red satin sheets. How sinfully decadent can this polish get?! This is officially my go-to red.

I did try a layer of Morgan, but... I don't think it did anything to help.

Matte on the left this time. I wasn't really diggin' it, so I went back over those nails with Perceval and matted up everything. I couldn't stop looking at my nails all day. If you haven't found a red you love, try Perceval.

So, which look is your favorite?

Yep, short post. Since we got Showtime and the Sweet Treats stuff pack Aaron's been simming a lot and I wanna get my time in while I have the chance. :p

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  1. i really really like it matte! i mean it is a pretty red! and i'm not a big fan of red either... i like how depending on what you are wearing or doing matte or shinny changes it so much...but in a good way! would have looked great with my bridesmaid dress!


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