Sunday, June 3, 2012

A England: Order of the Garter (with MLF)

I was so good today even though I was trying so hard not to be. LOL I woke up early cuz there's a lot to be done (still gotta do dishes....) and I headed out on a search. Hit up Walgreens for batteries then made my way to Ulta to try and track down Myrta. I ended up there 20 minutes before they opened so I wandered around Target to kill some time. Did you know that Target sells Sinful Colors? I did not. I didn't get any, though. I wanted to be ready. I did get a little bag of cinnamon bears, though. Over to Ulta.... and nothing. No Myrta, no Chloe, no glitter crackles, no Colour & Go that I don't have. So I left empty-handed. O_o Right? Then I headed to the mall. I was going to try and grab that neon green skull-bottle polish but the mall was closed, too! Oh well. No polish for Lizzy today. So I went and got gas for the mower, came home, mowed and then took pictures so if my hands looks gross and dirty that's why. I did wash them, but mowing is hard work when your yard is mostly weeds and dirt. :/

Another little intro here.... I paint my nails after dinner. This is kind of important to this polish because last night Aaron wanted to Sim. Since we got Showtime he wanted to see what was up with the magician and the genie. So I was sent off to the bed to do my nails and play some Fallout. I probably should have just gotten up and turned off the fan, but I was tired of being jerked around so I sat there and dealt with it. Because of that I had a little trouble applying Order of the Garter. Every time the fan swung around the polish started drying too fast and got a little gloopy. Even so, this is still one of the prettiest blues I've ever seen.

I think the sun may have been a little too bright. :/ It's a "true" blue with green and, yes, purple shimmer. Unfortunately I could only get the green to show up in the pictures, but I swear there's purple in there, too!! It's very scarce, but if you look really closely you can see it.... Matte didn't quite help on that front, but it does make Order of the Garter very pretty and glowy. Not quite sure which I like best.

Matte on the left this time. lol Even though I'm not sure if she really wanted to see this combo, or if she's just a freak for blue, I did try out Morgan Le Fay over top.

Ok, the two fingers on the left are more color accurate for Order of the Garter. Morgan Le Fay looks amazing here!!! That's just one coat of MLF and it adds just enough rainbow shimmer. Like magic. ;)

Again, in this case matte-ing doesn't really help it out at all. I did end up liking MLF over OOTG so much I did the rest of my nails that way. Unless anybody's just aching to see Perceval I think I'm going to do Rory for tomorrow. Maybe she'll bring me some luck as I continue my search for Myrta.... Hope everyone's enjoying their weekend. :)


  1. Beautiful blue, but Tristam is still my favorite :)


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