Saturday, June 2, 2012

A England: Morgan Le Fay

So excited!! Ok, so last night I literally could not decide which polish to wear. So I let Aaron pick (visually this time) which one between the Jubilees and Surfs. He picked Morgan Le Fay! (obviously, right?) Totally because of the name. Yeah, we has stuff in common. ;) Anyway, anyone who's checked out swatches of this polish know that it's not really a polish, but more of a shimmery, fancy topcoat. I could have used it by itself anyway, but my horribly stained nails would just make it ugly. So my first idea was to try it over black.

You do see more of the teeny rainbow shimmer this way, but I felt like I wanted to see more of the true nature of this beast. So I started over with a white base.

Now this is divine. There are some angles where the base turns kind of grey and others where it's more of an off-white, but that sparkle totally redeems it.

See? Lovely. Mostly you get a whiteish shimmer, but then there are angles where you get the flash of the rainbow. Totally reminds me of fairy dust.

A lot of that rainbow does disappear with a matte topcoat, but you're still left with a lovely, soft pearl color.

And just because I felt like this one really deserved it, a bottle shot.

I think this would look fabulous over pink. Perhaps I'll try Rory next and see. :) If there are any other colors/finishes you want me to try Morgan Le Fay on top of, let me know! I do take requests. Hope everyone's having a safe and happy weekend.


  1. try it over the a england blue!!

  2. Incredible over white! So elegant!

    1. I thought so, too. :) Definitely like the white base far better than the black.


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