Monday, June 11, 2012

CHI: Lust in the Dusk & Reviews

Hello darlings. Just a quick post tonight. I knew I was going to go grey, and the name on this one won out. I nabbed this shortly after my sorta ombre when I had my eyes open for greys. Didn't even check the name until I got home. Even so, gotta love it.

Lust in the Dusk is sort of a lavendarish grey. Very lovely, very smooth, very sheer. That's three coats and there was still a bit of VNL. I suppose it's a bit fortunate, on one hand, since that made it the perfect test for this:

There's so much going on on that can I'm not 100% sure what the actual name is, but it's this stuff you spray on your nails and it's supposed to dry them super quick. So, how did it work?

Meh. I was up for another hour or so after doing my nails. Three coats plus topcoat plus spray and I only had minimal sheet/hair marks. I'm not 100% sure I'm doing it right, though... It says "lightly spray", but some reviews I read said they let it "soak into the layers of polish" so I dunno if I'm supposed to saturate the nails? It's kind of a confusing area there. I'll keep trying it, though. Just not tonight! Lollipop Chainsaw releases tomorrow so I'm going to do a special mani for that and I'm using one of my SH Chromes. Something to look forward to. Nail art tomorrow!! (assuming I'm not too busy killing zombies to post)

So, what about the "Best Pedi Creme Ever!"?

I have to say minus the weird cucumber/mint scent I really like this stuff. I walk around barefoot as often as I can get away with it, even outside, so my feet are pretty rough. After three nights the majority of my feet is touchably soft and even the super rough spots on my big toe and heel are showing marked improvement. My toe especially. It's almost like I don't even have a callous! Wanna get your own? You can! I highly recommend it.

SwagBucks is doing Collector's Bills again! I didn't even realize until I got one and checked. The theme is "Grads vs Dads". Only a couple of days this time (and no daily goal) so I don't know if I'll get them all, but you know I'm gonna try.

Time to get working on my nails for tomorrow! Hope everyone had a great weekend.


  1. i'm such a slacker! keep forgetting to use the pedi cream!! and i still haven't seen how well the grey stamps...

    1. lol Slacker! Get JD to do it. Just keep it by the bed so you remember.

  2. The grey is nice, looks smooth, that spray thing sounds really confusing though :P. I neeeed some of that pedi cream as I'm like you; I'm always barefoot, my heels are so rough! Wish we had some over here :(

    1. I'm not sure what the conversion would be, but if you sign up with Julep they have free international shipping, too. :) I don't know if the pedi cream comes in all boxes, but it definitely does for the Boho Glam box (I'm pretty sure you could change it if you get a different profile) and if it doesn't come up as a penny using my link you can use the code COLOR4ONE at checkout.


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