Sunday, June 24, 2012

Blackheart: Creep Show & PSAs

Howdy howdy howdy. OMG my sister is going to kill me. LOL I mentioned on facebook that my hair is going to be a surprise and now she's jonesing to see it and I had a bit of a snafoo and none of the color took... so the finished product is going to take a little bit longer. *yikes* That is one of my PSAs. If you think that using Manic Panic or Splat over dyed black hair will give you a subtle sheen of color.... don't think that because it won't. Thankfully I have some bleach so I'm just going to do streaks.

My second PSA is also involving radical hair dying. Just because you're not the one dying your hair doesn't mean you shouldn't also wear gloves. Just in case the bottle slips out of your assistant's hand and you have to pick it up. Aaron's been super about helping me with my hair and I appreciate it so much. I hate my hair and would probably shave it all off if not for him. ;)

So. Did my PSAs properly prepare you for my mani mess? I wasn't even going to post this, but even mistakes can be a learning experience for others. I have for you Blackheart: Creep Show, three coats over one coat of Snow Me White, with a Splat: Pink accent ~

I could have just gone back over the white before adding the glow, but I counted it as battle scars and an illustration for my faux pas. Little macro so you can see it without the pink:

Now, I can't say that this polish is "super glowy"; I didn't get the whole "my monitor is charging my polish" experience. I did, however, finally get my camera to cooperate!

YAY!! *confetti* Now I'm so ready for the blue and red. Since I had intended to do hair pics, I did get myself prettied up and decided it was finally time to render my verdict on the essence "holographic" eyeshadow.

Uhm.... maybe I need either a primer or go over it again so it's thicker. It doesn't look any shinier or more special than their other eyeshadows. I do like the color, though. It works great as a brow highlighter which I love pairing with darker eyeshadows. I did manage one halfway decent picture, even if my hair isn't quite as colorful as I was hoping.

Meh. I also tried out this Mary Kay lipstick sample my mom brought home and I don't really like it. Too dark and pigmented. I can't wait for the sheer pink gloss in my Julep box!! I picked up a couple of polishes as well. Actually.... I picked up one:

Aaron picked up the rest:

Isn't that adorable! A whole box of KleanColor mini greens! :D The bottle on the far left is called Starry Meteor and it has silver micro glitter, tiny holo hex glitters and tiny holo bar glitters! So exciting.

Man... almost 4pm already. This day has totally gotten away from me! And I have a ton of random phone pics, too. Oy. Hope everybody's doing well and has enjoyed the weekend. :)


  1. Haha I like the splatter it looks intentional ;) that colour does glow yay, I bet you kept walking around with the lights out just to see them glow :P

    1. I did! XD Aaron laughed at me when I got all excited putting something in the freezer and watching my nails glow. lol


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