Saturday, June 30, 2012

Julep July Box and Lynn Swatch

Didn't I say "could be here by Saturday"? Oh yes I did and yes it was! Holy cow I checked the package tracker last night and was so dejected because it had just left Washington (state) and I thought I'd have to wait until Monday, then bright and early this morning *knock~knock~knock* "I need your signature, ma'am" *faints* Seriously? Kudos Julep! That's gotta be 2-day airmail for free!!

So, what did I get? Let's see!

There was this little insert demonstrating how I can use Lynn and Yumi (which I'm pronouncing "you-me") together for some funky frenching.

The promised voucher for one free polish for being a new Maven. It's not too late for you to be a new Maven, too!

The nude lip gloss called Peony.

My polishes! Lynn, Yumi and America the Beautiful. *swoons* Also....

Some red, white & blue streamer filler and 3 atomic fireballs which I love. Stop trying to make me fat!! XD

The first thing I did was a quick opacity test. That's one coat each over yesterday's mani so I wasn't saddled with any super sheers. Yay!

Apparently the latest trend is monochromatic (matching) eyes/lips/nails/cheeks. So each box had a lip gloss to match one of the polishes. That's why I got the "American Beauty" box with the nude lip gloss. I don't generally dress up my lips too much since I wear so much eye makeup. Balance. ;)

Lynn is a gorgeous sort of pinkish nude. It looks a *tad* frosty in some angles, but not annoyingly so.

This is three coats with top-and-basecoat. I think next time I'll leave it at two since apparently that VNL isn't going away. That's okay, though. Will make it more dainty for a proper french.

*yikes* Sorry about that one. Trying to show off the matching lips and nails. I really hate to say it, but from the moment I started applying it I remembered why I stopped wearing tinted lip gloss. Why are they all so sticky?! It wasn't so bad when I was a kid, but now that stickiness bothers me a great deal. Stickier than 10 year old lipstick is too sticky. And the color is hard to get even, it'll disappear in spots and get all thick around the edges.... That said I do like how (once I got it even) it toned down my natural lip color without making my lips disappear and I do love that shine. Fair trade? Not sure. I'll try swapping it out with my normal lip color for a bit and see if it grows on me.

So sore and exhausted. I think I'll watch Colette's latest video and then Sim 'til bedtime. Happy July Eve!! ;) LOL

Friday, June 29, 2012

Essence: Hard to Resist, WnW: We Need To Talk & SH: Carnelian Chrome

Yep, that's a mouthful. Was only going to be two polishes, but things happen. Went to Walmart to pick up a little something for a swap package I'm putting together and spied something I couldn't resist. ;)

Hard to Resist was a bit thick and took a while to dry. I think that may have been more to do with the age of the bottle than any real problem with the polish.

HTR is a beautiful shimmery dark dark blue. Not quite vampy, because you can always tell it's blue, but very dark.

That's three coats with a topcoat. Intended to only do two, but the thickness of the polish made it easily dentable. Ready to see what I found at Walmart? Abbie, avert your eyes!

The display was missing the blue, but I think this may be the only glitter crackle. There was a red creme and a black and a silver shimmer one as well. I think WnW went with the whole "cracked" bit when naming their polishes. All of them had to do with breakups. This one is We Need To Talk... and I think the silver one was "You're To Good For Him" which... I almost got, but in my experience it's usually my guy friends being way too good for the skanks they pick up, so... yeah.

I wish the glitter was a bit more dense. I tried to put it on super thick, but you can still see the under-color through the glitter. :/ Ah well, I've heard people having problems with the purple ChG glitter crackle as well. Might still get that one to see for myself....

Ok, Abbie, you can look now. ;)

I've been walking around with naked toes for a few days now, so I decided to go ahead and tick another Chrome off of my list. This one is Sally Hansen Carnelian Chrome.

I don't mind red on my toes as much as my fingers. Maybe because my Granny would paint my toes red, so it feels like a "foot" kind of color? *shrugs* This polish went on smoothly and dried nearly instantly just like all of the rest in this mostly defunct line. lol I almost feel bad showing them because they're "hard to find" (there are some on amazon that look decently priced (between $4-$10) but I didn't check shipping, just checked if they were there... and they are), but I can't stand all those un-linked images on my stash page.

Kind of interesting. I did meet my insane SwagBucks goal yesterday, and had a few hits from Copious, but no one helped (except Aaron who always earns my first SwagBuck of the day) or took advantage. Like people hate free money.... :p Whatever, like I said: I hit my goal and I've got my free polish coming so whatever. I've got some awesome polishes coming my way and Aaron hasn't given me crap about my collection growing long after I said "don't let me buy anymore polish" so I couldn't be happier.

Oh! I really shouldn't be allowed online. I've added 15 Misa polishes and one (so far) Color Club to my "must have" list. XD Actually, the Misas were fortunate. I was thinking all of the colors on my list were bright and cheery for the most part, but there will be times when I want something dark and moody and Misa really filled that gap. If you're wondering how I'm compiling this insane list, most of it's from head2toebeauty. Seriously, click, check the prices, join my insanity! XD They do charge growing shipping, so.... I'm going to have to take that into concideration to make sure it's still "small/light" enough to be shipped USPS because UPS is... well... let's say awful at finding us all of a sudden. Hope everyone has a safe weekend!!

Thursday, June 28, 2012

Sim Legathree #16

Not a lot has happened since Nel's release from the lamp. The Panthos family is trucking along their normal routines. Ares painting, Zelda gardening, Boros sculpting, Yvette writing, Cosmo heading off to the army base each morning and Nel getting to know her surroundings and her new soon-to-be family. So we're going to start this off a little differently. The one thing the Panthos' have been busy doing is expanding!

Slowly their home is starting to look like a proper "Legacy Estate". The bedrooms of the two younger generations have been expanded, there is now a gym and Boros' sculpting studio has also gotten a little bigger.

Ares decided to put in a little pool house. There is a bathroom and a mini kitchen for anyone finding themselves on the far end of the grounds with nowhere to "go".

The hot tub was Zelda's idea. It is the perfect place for her and Ares to get cozy.

Even though there aren't any children currently, Yvette decided to concoct this ginormous on-ground playground in anticipation of little grandchildren of her own.

While "testing" the water slide she received a call from an athletic manager. He saw her going all out at the gym and asked if she'd like to come down and try out for the Lady Llama softball team. She enjoys writing, but the "Invisible Lover" books have gotten a bit stale. Softball would be a nice change of pace and get her out of the house more. She wasted no time getting to the stadium to try out.

Cosmo and Nel don't have a lot of time to spend together, so they try to make the time that they do have count. Like her fresh "I'm a freed genie" makeover?

While Cosmo is at work Nel has been spending more time with Zelda. They both have Green Thumbs, you know, so it's only natural for Zelda to want to pass on her gardening knowledge. Her banana tree has reached an Excellent state, but is still a ways off from Perfect. Hopefully the helping hand of a genie can bring a little magic to her little garden.

The army decided to put on it's own Military Olympics. All new recruits were "asked to volunteer". Cosmo made a good showing, but the final results have yet to be tallied. Poor fella looks exhausted...

One last little bit, an insane splurge for the Panthos Family gym....

Now that is a ginormous television. At least it's already being put to good use. Ares should make that Unbreakable soon. Just in case. I hope Cosmo and Nel are able to get married soon. I admit, I'm a little anxious for the pitter-patter of little Sim feet again.

Essence: Choose Me!

I can not believe I'm about to say this, but.... I'm so disappointed in this one. The color is amazing! Seriously pretty. The huge drawback is that for some reason essence made a "Colour & Go" polish that is.... wait for it... a freakin' jelly!

That's three coats and plenty of VNL to show for it. I sat here for an hour, touched my thumb and OMG fingerprint right in my polish. That was after 2 coats, so I added another then topcoated.

The good news is that after topcoating it was still tacky about 20 minutes later so I ran to the bathroom and sprayed that quick-dry spray up close and long enough to see it beading up on my nails and *voila* instant dry. So the spray works at least as well as that. Unfortunate, I really do love this color....

I did have a bit of good fortunate just half an hour ago that I will now be passing on to you! I was checking out Lace & Lacquers and she was showing off a polish she got for just a penny. No, not Julep. Well, I had to investigate and sure enough after logging in with my facebook account I also got $10 free at! Which I have already spent on two metallic KleanColor polishes. A black and a green. The best part? If you click on that link and log in through facebook you can get $10 free as well! Just click "explore" and use the links on the left to narrow your search. "Nail polish", "free shipping" and scroll down towards the bottom because a lot of people are selling Sinful Colors and Wet and Wild for $5 which is crazy. Course, $8 for two KleanColor may be crazy to some, but I can't find those offline. So, yeah, click away and go nuts. It's free! I did need my card for the 1cent whatever processing charge, but that was really no different than Julep. I'm seriously debating with myself over going back and getting this cute heart-glitter polish. Not the OPI one, but close. We'll see.... Going back to Georgetown next month and doing the whole wedding mani-pedi thing.... oy.... Back to clicking for cash....

Almost the weekend!

Have not been able to get a decent picture with this hair yet.... Keep looking odd. lol

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Salon Perfect: Silver Mint & KleanColor: Starry Meteor

OMG It's so hot!!! *cries* My sincerest apologies to all of my UK friends who are experiencing a decidedly un-summery start to the season. Here in Texas we're on our 4th day of triple digit heat already. I did the math for you and that's about 40C this past week. I thought it might be the fires in Colorado (we generally get a nice breeze from up north at the start of the season), but we're getting a lot of southerly winds thanks to the tropical storm. *pleh*

Enough about the weather! I was scrolling through my stash page and decided to finally finish off my Salon Perfects. I also decided to trim down my nails a bit, so don't be scared! lol I'm not nubby, so I'm counting that as a small victory.

Silver Mint is a gorgeous light, minty green chrome. I thought I had an SH chrome in green (my mom seems to recall that as well), but nobody can find it so this is the perfect stand-in. Solid, smooth chrome instead of micro-shimmer foil/metallic. I love it!

Of course this means that it shows every little imperfection. That's ok, though, because there's nothing like a bit of glitter to disguise the flaws.

KleanColor Starry Meteor is an awesomely adorable glitter in a sheer light green base. You can see there the tiny green hex and holo bar glitters.

And the microscopic shimmer glitters. That shimmer glitter is nowhere near full cover, but it is pretty dense. Because of that I really appreciate how sparse the hex and bar glitter is. Just a fun splashing of glitter. :)

Not a lot else going on, so now for the shameless self-promotion segment of my blog.

First, if you have a paypal account, you should join InstantCashSweepstakes. You're missing out. And I'm not just saying that because they have 100% referral matching. ;) It's so fun and easy and has a super low $2 payout. *ahem* Tomorrow SwagBucks is hosting a Summer Social where you get more points from your referrals! Stuff like SBTV and Special Offers are credited instead of just search earnings. I've been keeping up with the daily goals. I love when they do that. Really jumps my Bucks up a lot quicker. Oh! Guess what else? My July Maven Box has been shipped!! :D If last month is any indicator, I'm thinking I could possibly get it by Saturday. So excited! Last bit of shameless self-promotion: I organized my Amazon Wishlist; feel free to check it out. ;) LOL

There, that wasn't too bad, was it? Gotta keep on trying. I'm still putting together my e-splurge list and so far I'm looking at 20 polishes. O_o Curious?

A England: Dragon, St. George, Princess Tears, Camelot

China Glaze: Pool Party, Techno Teal, It's Alive, Kiwi Cool-Ada, Sun-Kissed, Jade-D, Platinum Pieces

Nubar: Treasure, Brilliant, Black Polka Dot, White Polka Dot, Indigo Illusion

Zoya: Chloe, Shawn, Verushka, Crystal

Seems like a lot, huh?..... *shrugs* I feel like I'm going to need a second plastic drawer organizer (not a filing cabinet!! XD) soon.... *facepalm* Gotta get back to meeting my SB goal for today! Y'all be safe, hope you're having a great week.

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Essence: Gleam In Blue & Finger Paints: Cop An Attitude

Did I seriously not blog yesterday? Seriously, I did not. I'm glad my mom reminded me Sunday night that she had an appointment in Georgetown early yesterday morning because I had totally forgotten. I was trying to do my hair (still working on that...) and it was getting late so I opted for essence: Gleam In Blue. A color I've been meaning to try for a while, but kept putting off.

(Guess who forgot to pick up 8oz of cream cheese?) This one absolutely lives up to the name Colour & Go! Opaque in one coat and fully dry within an hour, without the spray or topcoat or anything. Such a lovely, shimmery sky blue. Gleam In Blue quickly moved itself near the top of my essence favorites.

Sunday night while waiting for GIB to dry I was sitting here surfing. Colette posted up a blog to go with one of her uploaded videos and while checking that out there was an ad on the sidebar for Sephora. Oh why not? *click~click~click* and OMG there's a Sephora in Georgetown! *click~click~click* to mapquest and it's only a mile or so away from my mom's appointment! *clickclickclick* They have Hello Kitty nail polish?! *faints* In addition to a slew of other wicked awesome looking polishes. Well, that's fortunate. Ish... I was concerned about money, but Aaron told me to check it out anyway and get myself a Kitty polish. Certainly not going to argue with that....

My mom's appointment was at 9am, Sephora opens at 10am. Guess who's appointment only took about 10 minutes? Yep. So Sephora opened roughly about the time we were pulling into the driveway. Ah well. It'll give me a chance to save up and splurge and it's not really that far away. Not waiting around gave Aaron and me time to run out for lunch (Chinese!) and run into a couple of places polish-hunting. All will be explained soon. ;) I found most of what I was looking for and came home to order the rest. I had enough time to eat half of my lunch before appointment number two.

This one took quite a bit longer. Almost 2 1/2 hours longer. It was kind of a lumped together seminar-like screening... thing. It was weird, but fortunate they didn't finish up with my mom early because I had the opportunity to be a good Girl Scout and help this older Asian lady fill out her paperwork since the techs running the show went to lunch. -_- Both her and my mom got a good laugh at my expense when I didn't "know" (assume) that at 65 she would have "obviously" gone through menopause already. I'm not her doctor, I don't know these things! Anyway, I was exhausted and we still had to pick up dinner and I still had to do some money-making online (and fill out more applications...) and that's why I didn't blog.

Catching up to today! While polish-hunting yesterday I was perusing the clearance bin in Sally's and noticed this lonely little polish for only $3. Finger Paints: Cop An Attitude. Oh, you poor lonely little magnetic! Everybody hates you now, and that's why you're so cheap. Don't you worry, Lizzy will give you a good home. Lizzy loves you.

Cop An Attitude by itself is a lovely brown-bronze with red shimmer.

It applied so smoothly and even globbing on the second coat, I didn't make too big of a mess! O_o Right? I really appreciate Finger Paints being honest about the "wave" design instead of trying to claim it as a chevron.

Just a teeny bit of a side-note here. I realize magnetics aren't the big deal they were just a short while ago (and a downright "dirty word" to some), but I'd still like to share why it's such a big deal to me when a magnet actually wraps the design fully across my nails.

Look at that! Practically half-circles. That's a lot of real estate from apex to ends. So if my experiences of half-designs has deterred you at all, fear not! Give it a try. Some magnets are far stronger than others and your nails are probably a lot flatter than mine. ;)

See? This one's not that bad. If you've been wondering what I did with my bottle of matte topcoat....

I still have it. lol Just keep forgetting to pull my fresh bottle out of the box under my bed. Totally worth fishing into a half-empty bottle for a magnetic, though.

So awesome. Just updated my spreadsheet with the polishes I've got linked on my stash page. Even noticed an SH chrome that wasn't on my stash page.... here I was wondering where the extra image came from. Ooops. Now to update again with Finger Paints! OMG Tomorrow I should get invoiced for July's Julep Box!! I'm so excited for this one, and I have a couple of ideas for 4th of July designs. Also, I'm sure America The Beautiful is going to be a sheer jelly so I'll be layering it over an un-used chrome. ;) Ok, then..... Sorry that got a bit wordy. LOL I'm not really, it's my blog and I'll ramble sometimes. Time to update some html!!

Sunday, June 24, 2012

June's Random Phone Pics

Yep, this again. I actually did end up using a lot of my phone pics in posts, but there was still a handful that just sat in there and my "to get to" folder was getting a little full. Now it's clean and organized and here are the leftovers ready for their chance in the spotlight.

That's not from the storm that blew down the tree. That was just an overcast day I was driving around early. I went down this neighborhood road and it was just too pretty to pass up.

Oh the shame of multi-tasking FAIL. I missed 40k. I've driven that poor car a lot in the past year or so.

My mom goes to this amazing German B├Ąckerei (bakery). She had me running errands with her and bribed me with the most delicious strawberry cheese danish. You'll notice I got three bites in before wrestling my phone out of my purse.

While working under the house I spotted a lady bug. :)

OMG Did you know Sonic has Frito pie chili dogs?! It was so good!! I'm totally addicted to their chili dogs (had a footlong for breakfast yesterday...) and the Fritos made it even better.

From an evening trip to Walmart. Again, too pretty to pass up.

Jet has a ton of these squeeky hedgehog toys and she does some very interesting things with them. She'll put one right in the walkway to alert her to movement, she'll set them up in a circle around my dad to try and trap him and he even found one in his shoe. This one my mom caught looking at her from the edge of her bed... definitely a new one. Kind of creepy....

That's it. Not too many this time. Hope you enjoyed. :)

Blackheart: Creep Show & PSAs

Howdy howdy howdy. OMG my sister is going to kill me. LOL I mentioned on facebook that my hair is going to be a surprise and now she's jonesing to see it and I had a bit of a snafoo and none of the color took... so the finished product is going to take a little bit longer. *yikes* That is one of my PSAs. If you think that using Manic Panic or Splat over dyed black hair will give you a subtle sheen of color.... don't think that because it won't. Thankfully I have some bleach so I'm just going to do streaks.

My second PSA is also involving radical hair dying. Just because you're not the one dying your hair doesn't mean you shouldn't also wear gloves. Just in case the bottle slips out of your assistant's hand and you have to pick it up. Aaron's been super about helping me with my hair and I appreciate it so much. I hate my hair and would probably shave it all off if not for him. ;)

So. Did my PSAs properly prepare you for my mani mess? I wasn't even going to post this, but even mistakes can be a learning experience for others. I have for you Blackheart: Creep Show, three coats over one coat of Snow Me White, with a Splat: Pink accent ~

I could have just gone back over the white before adding the glow, but I counted it as battle scars and an illustration for my faux pas. Little macro so you can see it without the pink:

Now, I can't say that this polish is "super glowy"; I didn't get the whole "my monitor is charging my polish" experience. I did, however, finally get my camera to cooperate!

YAY!! *confetti* Now I'm so ready for the blue and red. Since I had intended to do hair pics, I did get myself prettied up and decided it was finally time to render my verdict on the essence "holographic" eyeshadow.

Uhm.... maybe I need either a primer or go over it again so it's thicker. It doesn't look any shinier or more special than their other eyeshadows. I do like the color, though. It works great as a brow highlighter which I love pairing with darker eyeshadows. I did manage one halfway decent picture, even if my hair isn't quite as colorful as I was hoping.

Meh. I also tried out this Mary Kay lipstick sample my mom brought home and I don't really like it. Too dark and pigmented. I can't wait for the sheer pink gloss in my Julep box!! I picked up a couple of polishes as well. Actually.... I picked up one:

Aaron picked up the rest:

Isn't that adorable! A whole box of KleanColor mini greens! :D The bottle on the far left is called Starry Meteor and it has silver micro glitter, tiny holo hex glitters and tiny holo bar glitters! So exciting.

Man... almost 4pm already. This day has totally gotten away from me! And I have a ton of random phone pics, too. Oy. Hope everybody's doing well and has enjoyed the weekend. :)