Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Zoya: Gilda

The many faces of. You may have guessed by now I'm not a super huge fan of jellies. So what was I going to do to make this particular swatching not only educational, but fun for myself as well? Well.... since Gilda is a jelly I thought I'd see how she acts over various base colors! All at once! Yay!!!

Rainbow! Sorta.

Now that my facebook thumbnail is out of the way, how about I take you back to how I got there. Just for kicks?

Complementary Row of Bottles Picture

From left to right we have: Maybelline: Onyx Rush, NYC: Madison Avenue, Color Club: Hot Like Lava, Sally Hansen: Ruby Chrome, Wet n Wild: French White Créme, and Zoya: Gilda (which is backwards, sorry). Wanna see 'em on my nails? You know you do.

One Coat of Each

I showed it before on that Hot Like Lava link, but here again for you is the difference between the CC Foiled and the SH Chrome:

They're Diff'rent

Now for the part that sounded like a great idea but I'm sure I'll regret halfway through. By the time I get to posting I can't really tell a different between the "regular" and "matte" versions so I'm putting them all side-by-side! Don't worry if you can't remember what color was on each finger, I'll let you know under each set. Regular on the left, matte on the right. And here we go!!

Pinky- Wet n Wild: French White Créme

Ring- Sally Hansen: Ruby Chrome

Middle- Color Club: Hot Like Lava

Index- NYC: Madison Avenue

Thumb- Maybelline: Onyx Rush

*phew* Did that work? I hope so. One thin layer of Gilda over the base color, plus my quick-dry topcoat meant that it didn't take forever to dry. Yay!! Oh, wanna see the matte-ed mani all together? Sure, here ya go.


I have no idea what I'm going to do next. I've got 10 polishes up here to put back in the box, so I'll see when I get down there! Every day is an adventure.


  1. LOOOOVE it over the black. So awesome looking. And it's even more fabulous matte!!

    1. Right? Gives it a whole new personality. I ended up really liking it over the white as well.

  2. I'm with Bethany, looks hot over black!

    1. Yeah, I definitely think I'll be doing a full mani with it this fall.

  3. Oooh I love it over the red! Reminds me of candy! And I LOVE it matte!


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