Sunday, May 13, 2012

Zoya: Dannii (+GG Matte +Naked Nails)

Happy Mother's Day!! Even if your children are of the furry/feathery/finny variety. You count, too. Mother's Day is actually what turned me into a big fat liar this time. It didn't even occur to me until I sat down to do my nails "OMG tomorrow's Mother's Day. I should do a purple since that's my mom's favorite color!" I wanted a color that screamed purple, and Dannii does just that.

It's kind of a red-toned purple (even if it doesn't look it in that picture) with silvery/goldish/purple-pinky shimmer. I didn't even notice the purple-pink until the sun came out from behind some clouds.

The multi-tonal shimmer and reddish tones make it kind of an odd polish for me, personally, but I do like it matte! (middle finger left un-matte-ed)

Unfortunately for me my mom's all about shiney polish, so I went over those two nails with the Models Own clear coat and made absolutely sure not to just mop it on and it seems to be doing alright. Since I totally spaced on it yesterday, here's Golden Green with matte topcoat on my middle and ring finger with my pinky left shiney to compare:

While I was sitting here on the verge of my "It's Mother's Day tomorrow" epiphany, it occured to me that it's been a while since I've done my nails naked. So I went ahead and took a picture of that for you. After logging on today and checking, turns out it's been almost two months since I've posted up a progress report! O_o So how much healthy nail growth have I had in the past two months? Here's a refresher from March 20:

Stain line situated just above the "moons". Last night:

Yes, already had my basecoat on, but *gasp*! Almost halfway there!! On most of 'em. I did file 'em down a tad, so that's why they don't look that much longer. Looks like my ring and pinky ended up a bit worse off than the rest? I did buff the crap out of 'em a couple of times. Partly to try and lighten up the staining, partly to smooth out the awful ridges. I hereby swear I will never ever ever go without basecoat again. I mean, look at that! I don't even use a fancy one. LA Colors UltraNail Hardener for a dollar at Walmart. I did sorta franken it with what was left of my L'Oreal basecoat because I don't like having to dig around a half-empty bottle for polish. :/ Seems to be working out ok, though. Just unsure if I should dump my sticky basecoat in there when it gets half-empty again, or if I should get another bottle of the LA Colors to beef up whatever they put in that that's working so well. Suggestions?

Hope everyone's having a fantastic weekend. There's still time to vote on the poll if you haven't. Although one option is kinda moot now. lol It's looking like I may be taking a small break next weekend, but unless I get a ton of "no"s I'll probably do my stash post after I get back.


  1. I LOVE golden green with the matte! Also, your nails look great! I've actually been wearing a basecoat since your first post about the importance of basecoats!

    1. Thanks. :) That's why I tend to overshare in my blog. Sometimes you don't know something just because nobody bothered to talk about it. One of those unfair facts of life. So if I learn, I share! :)

    2. I like oversharing. I'm always overly interested in details of other peoples lives. So honesty + oversharing = good. Lol.


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