Thursday, May 17, 2012

Young and Simlish #16

Hello and welcome to the final* installation of Young and Simlish. Unfortunately- oh wait! Something's happening...

Ari left Stardust alone for a bit so she could mull over the situation. No longer the butler he's found himself with quite a bit of time on his hands, so he headed to the Cafe to see if there was any part time work available. Stardust sat in the living room staring at the walls for a while when the doorbell rang.

Oh look who it is. Johnny. He introduced the blonde waif as Kajie Lebbik, his girlfriend. She stood there looking thoroughly bored and only moved when Johnny asked if he could have a minute to discuss something with Stardust. Kajie shrugged and sat to watch some TV.

Stardust cringed inwardly as Kajie just made herself at home, but didn't have much time to think about it as Johnny dove headfirst into his reason for coming by. "I want to apologize. I don't know what happened between us, but I know I did some pretty inexcusable things. I'm sorry." She accepted his apology easily enough, but in the back of her mind she wondered if Johnny would be a suitable sacrifice. She was startled out of her musings by an abrupt, "Ok, honey, let's head out!"

Stardust wasn't sure if she was more repelled or amused when Kajie shrugged away from Johnny's attempt to kiss her. Some girlfriend, eh? It didn't much matter, though, since they were out the door shortly after. Stardust spent the rest of the day tidying up. Ari appeared irked (but not angry) when she told him what happened. They both chalked it up to 'no harm no foul' and went to bed. Then a string of strangeness took place. For the next week whenever Ari was at the Cafe and Johnny was (supposedly) at band practice, Kajie came by. No call ahead, barely even a knock. Just let herself in and made herself at home; the whole while moaning about how hard she had it. "What exactly is it you do?" would be met with a shrug and a nap on the couch.

Seriously, a whole week of this woman just popping by. "I need to get away" "Oh it's just too much" Stardust found herself not only bewildered by what this creature could possibly have to complain about (in such a vague way, no less), but increasingly angry. Not only at her continuing presence, but at her own inability to reach Johnny to take her away! Once committed Ari was unable to stay home from work, but he did offer to put up an electric fence and buy a guard dog. Stardust dismissed these suggestions with a chuckle, "It's fine. I just wish I knew how to get rid of her with a bit of civility, is all."

On the seventh day Stardust's wish was met. She had asked for a sign, and there was one sitting right on her kitchen counter. How did that get there? No matter. If that woman showed up again and Johnny couldn't be bothered to pick up the phone then Stardust was just going to have to kill two birds with one stone. *ding~dong* Guess who?

Kajie burst in mumbling something about "barely worth getting up in the morning" but before she could take "her" spot on the couch, and before Stardust gave herself time to second guess her decision, Kajie found herself in the mesmerizing grip of the Voodoo Doll. Stardust gently set the doll down on the counter and was admittedly amused when Kajie slumped to the ground asleep. Unsure how long this trance would last Stardust set about preparing a suitable place to keep Kajie until the time came to perform the ritual.

Cruel? Maybe. Also fitting if you want my opinion. Stardust waited upstairs for Ari to return from the Cafe. As soon as he walked in the door she blurted out everything just waiting, almost hoping, for him to admonish her and insist they release Kajie. Sure she's an awful awful sim, but surely this is too much, right?

Ari, apparently, didn't think so. "I told you I'd stick by you and support whatever you decided. We can pack up tonight, move the magical items to the back yard and blow it all to smithereens in the morning. I have the ritual, there's just one thing I have to ask you first...." Stardust's nerves were practically jumping through her skin. What could he possibly need to know at this point?

Oh my! Stardust nearly fell to the ground with relief. Ari caught her and laughed, "Is that a no?" "Oh, Ari, yes!" They laughed and snuggled, completely removed from the situation in the basement.

The next morning they did exactly as planned. Stardust used the power of the doll to lure Kajie into the center of the soon-to-be inferno before starting the ritual to transfer her legacy into the doomed sim. The two lovers held hands as they watched it all burn and, in spite of the heat, it was quite a beautiful sight. They got in the moving van and found a nice little cottage across town. They got a P.O. Box to preserve their anonymity and were somewhat surprised (if greatly relieved) that the police never came by to question them. They got married a week later in a huge star-studded ceremony right on the movie lot. I've heard Stardust is now pregnant and still works on the movie lot. Mostly choreography and preserving historical accuracy. Ari is head chef and co-owner of the Cafe, dazzling the residents of Appaloosa Plains with his consistantly perfect dishes. There have been no more random notes, no more strange dreams or visions. They have both achieved their dreams with a healthy dose of normalcy.

*End Note*- Welp, Sims has done it to me again. At least this time I was at a "logical" stopping point in the storyline. I was going to actually blow everything up (including Kajie, I'm aching to kill a Sim!) and follow Stardust and Ari at least until a baby was born. Alas, my save has glitched and that particular game will not load. :( I haven't yet tried another save (or starting a new game), but hopefully it's just a glitch with that one and trying to save in the middle of too much going on. I don't know. I'm upset, but.... at least I wasn't right in the middle. Maybe I'll start up a game/story with a bit more of an evil sim. Stardust didn't turn out quite the way I envisioned her in the beginning, but you know Sims. They tell you who they want to be. Not so much the other way around! LOL Hope you enjoyed this story and aren't too disappointed by the ending.


  1. I LOVE following this! I used to be a big Sims fan back in the day.

    1. That's awesome. :D I'll probably be starting another story in the next week or so. Just gotta figure out what kind of sim to do....

  2. I want to do a story now! This was so fun! I actually kind of liked Kajie and her weirdness. But, sometimes sims must die. Lol.

    1. You should do a story! :D I'd love to read it. I should be lucky that this sim is still in the "bin". She's based off of somebody and I *really* want to kill her. :/


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