Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Young and Simlish #15

"Blow it all up?! Even the house?...." Stardust was quite distressed and Ari attempted to calm her as best he could.

He explained that there were a few websites that hinted that if you cut ties to your past you may be able to move on. After a few moments to think about it, Stardust was skeptical. Maybe for normal sims it's as simple as changing your name at Town Hall and moving across town, but this is magic and legend! Fire may be able to turn the mundane items to ash, but clearing her legacy? Surely not. Talking through things has given her an idea, though....

Ari was naturally excited and scared making his first trip down to the basement. Deep down he thought surely all of this was made up! Yet seeing the book and cauldron with his own eyes filled him with a deeper sympathy for Stardust's burden and a clearer understanding for her desire to be done with it. This had to be the creepiest basement he's ever been in. Stardust approached the spell book, with Ari by her side, and flipped through the pages. She wasn't sure if there would be anything in there, but there was a glimmer of hope in her heart.

Together they combed each page and finally, in the very back of the book, was a loose paper. Stardust picked it up and her heart sank. You may have guessed that it was exactly what she was looking for. Coincidence abounds in Simland. You would have been right. The hastily written ritual was titled "To Remove Yourself From Magic's Grasp", but there was something wrong. Something very wrong. Stardust was also right when she assumed that clearing yourself from a magical legacy (especially one as powerful as Pangu's) would not be as simple as turning your back on it. Oh no. According to the ritual all magical items must be destroyed, sure, but this includes the legacy itself. In order to fully free herself (and her family should she choose to have one) Stardust would have to first magically transfer her magical heritage into another sim and then destroy that sim along with the rest of the magical artifacts.

"I.... I don't think I can do that!!" Stardust cringed and dropped the page to the floor, "It's unthinkable!". Ari quickly embraced her before she could totally lose it and held her while she cried. His strength was a great comfort, his words even more so. "It's ok, it's going to be ok. You don't have to decide anything now. We don't even know if there's a way to destroy these physical objects. Whatever happens, whatever you decide, I'll be here with you." And he meant every word. Holding her in that dank, spooky basement he decided that no matter what he wanted to be with her. When Stardust made her way upstairs for bed, he made sure to pick up the ritual page. Her desire to cut ties with her past, even one she had only recently discovered, may have wavered, but if she decided to go through with it then it just would not do to lose the way how.

The next day Ari spent a good amount of time cleaning up. He may not officially be the house butler anymore, but he is neat by nature and couldn't stand the small messes which had accumulated recently. Stardust, with no work to do at the moment, decided to visit an old friend.

She decided that it was the bartender who started her on her dream path, perhaps he could help in this case as well. Unfortunately when she reached the local watering hole he wasn't there. It took her a few minutes (and a few of these odd, rainbow colored drinks) to warm up to the new drink slinger. He was gruff, but perhaps he knew a thing or two about blowing stuff up.

Stardust discovered it was quite difficult to broach the subject of fire and explosions while still maintaining a sense of appearing sane. Her finely tuned Charisma skills helped, but not so much that she wasn't immediately offered a bemused sideways glance. "I may be able to help you, but what's a little girl like you want to go blowing stuff up for?" She explained that she had inherited a ton of junk and rather than pay to have it carted to the junk yard she thought it might be fun to set fire to the whole mess and let the wind blow away the ashes. The bartender laughed at this and when he saw Stardust's seriousness he laughed until he cried. "Okay! Okay, I can't resist a pretty little wannabe firebug. There's this girl, Barri, who has an... aptitude for demolition. She likes to hang out in the junk yard. If she likes you, maybe she'll help you out." Stardust was a bit hurt at being called a 'wannabe firebug' and secretely wondered where this old fool learned words like 'aptitude', but she kindly thanked him and headed across town to the junk yard.

Stardust must have really made an impression. Upon entering the back lot of the junk yard she was immeidately approached by a punky little blonde who introduced herself as Barri Bomber. Apparently the bartender ("my Jeffy", Barri explained) had called ahead so Barri could be on the lookout for 'a crazy, green-haired girly'. "I surely never thought he meant you! You're Stardust, right? Yeah, I can help you out. If I can a picture with you, that is..." Stardust was absolutely floored. Barri was so cute and sincere she couldn't say no, not that she would have anyway. What's the point of being famous if you can't indulge your fans from time to time? They spent several hours chatting away about fire, dynamite, guys, girls, even the latest hits of The Screaming Llamas. Before they knew it the sun had set and it was time to go home. "If you need anymore demolition advice or, ya know, just want to hang out give me a call." Stardust promised to do just that and headed home happy, but conflicted.

Over a plate of Ari's perfect Key Lime Pie they discussed their days with less tension than you might expect. Until, eventually, they came to the subject of what Stardust planned to do. He was surprised that she had managed to learn so much about destruction in such a short amount of time. He was less surprised that she still hadn't made a firm decision about the "sacrifice" part. There are so many factors to concider, and surely it's not a decision to be made lightly. If only she had some sort of sign to point her in the right direction......


  1. I love that Ari continues to clean up. What a cutie. Lol.


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