Wednesday, May 2, 2012

WnW: SaGreena & ChG: Optical Illusion

Oh my goodness. When my chat buddy suggested green, I knew it was time to give SaGreena (full name: SaGreena the Teenage Witch) a whirl. It is part of the Wet n Wild "Fast Dry" line, and boy does it ever. I was pretty impressed. However, like the top coat that came with it, the brush is very stiff. This didn't seem to matter as much by the third coat, but I'm not going to test that with the top coat. lol

SaGreena is an absolutely perfect emerald green shade. Looks like I could have used another coat, but that's ok. I took a pic with my phone and it almost looks holographic!

Cool, huh? It doesn't do that in real life. That's just my crummy phone camera. Since I'm running low on polish remover and payday isn't 'til Friday, I decided to do some "super" accents (or super "accents"?) with China Glaze Optical Illusion. The "greenish" one. I kind of wanted to bash my head into a wall when I grabbed it and the bottle was purple. Gotta love that sneaky duochrome. I tried different nails on my hands because I'm still not sure how I feel about the index-middle finger combo.

And here's a shot of the bottle from underneath so you can see that "only in certain lights" purple.

I'm not sure yet what I'm going to do to make it through tomorrow. Maybe I'll do something over the Greena fingers, maybe I'll dip into my dwindling 100% acetone reserves. Does anybody else feel like they have dry ice on their fingers when they use that stuff? I don't like using it for anything more than edge cleanup. Which, yes, I didn't do with Optical Illusion. :p Been a long couple of days.

Last night I got an email from SendEarnings (which I was just complaining about being stuck money-wise) saying I got $0.20 from referral bonuses. O_o That's odd. I didn't realize I had any. Even so, one of those once a year isn't going to jump me up to the $30 cash out. Then I noticed something. SendEarnings may not have a toolbar (like the sluggish InboxDollars), but they do have a "search for cash" link on their site. So I'll be searching my little fingers off until I can cash out and close out that one. Then I'll go back to the InboxDollars (which also has videos for cash... randomly) so I can close that one out as well. Then I'll be able to focus more fully on the ones that are making me money. The other reason I bring this up is because my first search (it's so hard to generate search ideas) was for "Warpaints Beauty Matte Topcoat" and check this out!

Look at me! Search result #4. Just two under Colette's My Simple Little Pleasures blog. :D I feel fancy. Since my ma-in-law wanted to see my afghan I took it outside and utilized the ever-snazzy panoramic function on my phone's camera. My sister says it looks like our old comp's defrag screen. I love that! In reality I'm just switching up colors randomly whenever I get bored or think there's too much of one.

It's about 6feet wide... or tall. I haven't decided which way it's going to face just yet. That's what I do while I'm sitting here clicking through videos on SwagBucks. Crocheting. I got bored of Octopi. I'll still do them, I still have stuffing, it's just nice to work on something where I can let my brain space out. Speaking of SwagBucks, I'm 85% of the way to the Barry M magnetics! :D Just another couple of days. Then... ya know.... however long it takes to get here after that. Still waiting on that heart magnet and the Models Own polishes. More surprised by the first than the second since that was only a couple of days ago. It just feels like it's been forever!!! *deep breath* I think I'll be ok. ;) Hope everyone's having a great day!


  1. I prefer the ring and thumb accents! Lovely green. I need more greens.

    1. I do, too. The middle-index isn't as awkward looking in person as it comes off in pics (to me, at least), but I definitely prefer ring and thumb.

  2. That green is pretty, looks like Nails Inc. Emerald Street! Glowy and sparkly :)

    1. Definitely glowy. :) I can't believe it took me so long to wear this one.


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