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Tales Of Simterest: Fate Met

Most Sim's lives are rich and full. They live a long time from infant to elder and a lot of things happen in that time. Sometimes, however, a Sim's story can be told much more briefly. That doesn't make it any less interesting, or the Sim's life any less important. It's just a simple fact that not every book has to be a novel.

Meet Stuart Swete. Stuart is a lifelong resident of Hidden Springs and remembers the days when it was a quiet town in the middle of a huge forest. In fact, his great grandparents were among the very first settlers of Hidden Springs. His love for this once quaint little town runs deep. He never thought he'd see, in his lifetime, the drastic changes that have come over the town. What was once little more than a nature lover's commune has recently turned into a resort for the spoiled and lazy. No longer is the town 100% eco-friendly as tourists tend to throw their trash wherever they stand. No longer are the parks and beaches peaceful, these interlopers have brought with them the most ill-behaved children! Stuart may be far along in his years, but he feels deep down that the spirits of his great grandparents would never let him rest in peace if he doesn't do something to leave Hidden Springs a better place.

One not-as-bright-as-it-used-to-be day while painting in an effort to relax, Stuart had a magnificent brainstorm. In his youth he was a natural, and very well liked, member of Hidden Springs' elite law enforcement squad. Perhaps if he could find his way back into the precinct he could pinpoint a sim most worthy of being ejected from Hidden Springs. It may not be a big dent in the problem, but perhaps it would be enough to appease the spirits waiting for him on the other side.

Some sims find obstacles around every corner, others ("those following a righteous path" Stuart assures himself) seem to have the most amazing luck at the most opportune times. His old partner is now head of the department and was more than thrilled to bring Stuart on board. Nothing too dangerous, concidering his age, but surely there's no harm in making him the new Wiretap Reader. This division must be new and Stuart found himself more than a little relieved that he didn't have any friends to phone. This job would be perfect, however, for scoping out potential targets. He dug into his new work eagerly, reading over every conversation twice to make sure he had all the right information.

As he became more entrenched in his work, Stuart was completely oblivious to anybody who may be watching him. Long before his great grandparents arrived in Hidden Springs, there were "others" here. A group known as The Hammers. They assimilated well enough with the eco-freaks and worked together to build the town in the newcomer's image. These paltry few were so relieved and excited at the help they recieved they never once questioned the intentions of The Hammers. I doubt this was a mistake, they had nothing to do with the influx of Richies and want them gone as well. It is, on the other hand, a little disturbing that they only appear when something "big" is about to happen. Whether out to help or hinder Stuart in his efforts.... I can not say. Just that they are watching him very closely.

After weeks of research Stuart narrowed his target down to a handful of Sims. Awful, destructive Sims who have no redeaming qualities or right to be in Hidden Springs! The time is drawing near. He dips into his cash savings (he doesn't trust the new bank) and spends his nights digging on the edge of his property. Careful to work only when all other lights in sight have gone out.

His dungeon bunker surely is impressive and Stuart feels a rush of excitement viewing the completed room for the first time. Whichever Sim he chooses will be taught a lesson!

The next morning Stuart recieves an unexpected visit from one of the rookies on the force. Apparently some nosey Sim called in a complaint of "suspicious activity". Fortunately Stuart has gotten to know this rookie well and assures him that it all must be some mistake. After chatting for a while Stuart asks him, if he may, who it was that called in the complaint. A glimmer of red sparks in his brain when he hears the name "Kajie". She is, after all, on his list; and has just made her way to the very top. "Thank you, Officer, but I feel it may be time for a nap."

After the cop leaves, Stuart goes back over all of his notes on Kajie. Yes, a Sim so vile she could make a llama shake it's head in disgust. Kajie is quite the gossip, especially if that gossip is about herself, and her phone logs tell quite the sordid tale. Her husband is currently a high priced lawyer, but he wasn't always so. Oh no, when she met him we was simply another lonely nerd with low self esteem. Then she "fixed" him. It was easy enough getting this poor fella to marry her. A little batting of the eyelashes and a few soothing words and he was hers. Then it was just a matter of "nudging" him along the proper path, offering the errant word of encouragement and letting him grab her ass now and then. Oh, they never woohooed. She had other, better endowed, Sims on the side for that little business. Yet when she came up pregnant (twice!) he never questioned, only assumed the Great Llama had delivered them a miracle. You'd think she had it easy, but oh no. Not this one. The children were too much trouble so she sent them off to boarding school. Oh, but get this, worrying about them all day left her too exhausted to clean the house or cook his dinner. So on top of work and study her husband cleaned the house and fed himself, just to make life easier for his beloved. This waste of Simly pixels will learn what true hardship and suffering is, just as soon as the final touches are placed on her "new home".

There we are. Inescapeable. It was only a matter of days after completion that Stuart heard over the wiretap that this wretch's husband would be away on business for the next week. She would be finding solace in a string of late-night parties. That night, instead of heading home after work, Stuart drove himself out to Kajie's "estate" (in reality a dressed up home of normal size that she couldn't be bothered to clean) and "broke down" right in front of her driveway, blocking her in. It was late and the town's proper residents were already in bed. As Kajie came over, practically fuming, it was only the two of them in sight. As soon as she opened her foul mouth to lay into him for daring to block her path Stuart covered it with a chloroform soaked rag. She dropped like a rock.

While she was knocked out, Stuart clinically stripped her down and put her in rough burlap clothing and scrubbed her face of the layers of makeup she wore.

Kajie awoke in a daze, chained to the floor. Whether a tickle from his Evil streak, or truly trying to "teach" her, Stuart has offered Kajie the chance to redeem herself. His voice came through the stereo to instruct her, "You have been charged with crimes against Simanity and wanton wasting of animation pixels. If you can prove yourself worthy of memory you will be allowed to leave; better for the experience. If not... Well, if not then you will be dealt with harshly. I want this house clean and dinner on the table before 5pm."

Kajie, naturally, refused to believe the situation she was in. She tried escaping the chains and succeeded only in twisting her ankle. Two days passed and she grew tired and hungry. Finally she decided she'd venture in the kitchen, if only to feed herself. Stuart had predicted as much and made sure all of the food was laced with sedatives. The first bite of burned macaroni and cheese landed Kajie on the floor once more.

Stuart dragged her unceremoniously into the holding cell he built and sat reading a book while he waited for her to wake up. In order to not arouse suspicion he knew he would have to continue going to work as normal, but his spare time would be spent here. Watching and waiting. The next few days were excrutiating for Kajie, and Stuart delighted in every moan, scream and embarrasement she suffered.

Kajie, it turns out, has been hiding a rather interesting trait.

It may not come as any surprise that Kajie is Childish. Between peeing all over herself, passing out in her own urine and slowly starving to death she kept herself amused with hand-puppet shows. It helped keep her mind intact, but perhaps madness would have been a blessing. At least Insane Sims can talk to themselves to stave off lonliness.

Stuart's belief that he was doing the right thing was solidified when Kajie's starvation finally consumed her shortly after arriving home for the weekend.

He watched with detached interest as the Grim Reaper came to claim her.

Chuckled with amusement as she begged to be spared.

And took fiendish delight as her cries fell on deaf ears, as they had in the last days of her life!

Stuart took his trophies and promptly filled the dungeon with cement. His time may be shorter, but it would not do to have this little room discovered. Oh no. You see, it takes Sims quite a long time to starve to death and Kajie's husband would be back any day now. Before that, he still had one last errand to run.

He took her urn to the junk yard. Not only is it exactly where she belongs, but there is an equal chance that it will either be blown up by some aspiring inventor or, worst case, her ghost shows up and the owner calls a Ghost Hunter to come collect it and dispose of it at the science facility. Either option seems just unceremonious enough for the late Kajie.

His other trophy is this picture he took of Kajie's final breath. Don't mistake this for a shrine! Oh no, Stuart merely wants to gaze on her suffering nightly before bed, keeping the memory alive so that she will continue to suffer in death. This way he never has to be bothered with angrying up his old blood remembering what an awful, lazy, spoiled, manipulative Sim she was in life.

The days in Hidden Springs feel a little brighter, the nights a little calmer. Stuart was never alerted to The Hammers and sleeps the restful sleep of one who has done a great deed.

He was not surprised when the cops came around asking questions about Kajie. Naturally her husband filed a missing Sims report. However, after a brief inquiry and the department's assurance that all Sims were questions, the matter was dropped. Rumor has it he was never seen grieving in the days before he left for the big city of Bridgeport. This did not surprise Stuart either. He really is better off without her, still a high priced lawyer without the weight of "her" behind him. Stuart stayed on at the department a few more weeks before retiring. His official Lifetime Wish was left unfulfilled, but his true destiny was realized. Upon his death The Hammers came to find him peaceful in his bed. They buried him themselves with his beloved photo (and with the monument he deserved, regardless of Wish) and without breathing a word of what they knew to anyone outside the Order. In the hallowed halls of their secret lodge, Stuart is revered as a Sim who did what needed to be done to raise the bar of Sim-kind. Sometimes the trash just needs to be taken out.


  1. Fabulous Tale of Simterest! What a creepy guy. I love the last line though. Lol.

    1. lol He is a bit creepy, huh? The funny part is he came with the town. I didn't make him! XD


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