Saturday, May 5, 2012

Sinful Colors: Neon Melon +Gradient

O~M~G!! I am so insanely excited about this polish. It reminds me of the neon yellow I had oh-so many years ago. It was a little tricky to photograph, but I'll give it to you how it came out. First: Sunlight-

Nope, brighter than that. How about.... In the shade?!

Naw... still brighter. In my kitchen!

So bright! It's like I emptied a highlighter onto my fingers. :D Here are some pics I took with my phone. The last two I swear are not glow-in-the dark. lol That was in my car last night in the mostly-dark.

So bright and pretty. The top pic set is 3 coats, these last two from my phone are two coats. There was still a bit of VNL after three, but that's okay! I had already decided I wanted to do a super bright sponging. As my second ever attempt at sponging, I don't know if it's a complete win, but it's definitely more "sponged" looking than my first attempt back in February. I started with a layer of China Glaze: Japanese Koi

Then I did the "french tip" section with Zoya: Lolly. Which you can barely see in the pic on my pinky....

I was going to leave it like that, but they were screaming for just a bit more. So I did my tippy-tips with a bit of China Glaze: Flying Dragon!

Awe-haw-some! But a bit... textured. Add a generous topcoat:

And then fix the 'neon' with some matte topcoat.

hehehe Couldn't resist keeping my phone in that one. Here's a bit better pic in the shade.

I did make it to Ulta and OMG I wish I had, like, $50 on me. They had so many Zoyas on clearance! Most of them were $5.99 instead of $3.99 which was disappointing, so I only grabbed one. And I was trying to be good, so....

That's Zoya Jules, China Glaze Turned Up Turquoise, and essence Wake Up! (which is orange not red). I also picked up essence Space Queen from HEB which is a sheer pink with glitter. All in all under $10 in polish today. Which.... I really need to stop and start saving up for those ChG glitter crackles. :/ Either tonight or tomorrow I'll be ordering the Barry M magnetics (I'm that close) and.... still waiting on Beetlejuice. lol At least my unworn box is pretty full. So, how do you like my gradient? As always if there's something you wanna see, then speak up! I usually have a hard time deciding. I will be doing Turned Up Turquoise next because it matches the clothes I picked up to do some boudoir picks for Aaron. ;) I usually get some decent face shots when we do those, so hopefully that'll also fill my "need a new profile pic" criteria as well. Happy Cinco de Mayo, all! Hope you have a great (and safe) weekend.


  1. it looks like a sunset! i like it!

    1. I guess it kinda does, huh? Wish I could say I did that on purpose. XD

  2. Replies
    1. Right?! So glad to not be disappointed. And I didn't have to fight with it like I've heard you have to with the Essie neon yellow. :)

  3. I like the colour you picked up, they look good together :)

  4. I can't get over that yellow!! Blinding! I like the colours you used in the gradient, they go well together :)


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