Thursday, May 31, 2012

Sim Legathree #3

The days have been going by smoothly for Ares and Zelda. Boros is actually a fairly easy infant to care for. When Ares returned to work, Zelda decided to surprise him by making herself over to look more "motherly".

On his way home from work he decided to surprise her as well. He felt a bit bad that she was the one given maternity leave to stay home with the baby, since his Lifetime Wish can be worked on anywhere and hers is work-specific. So he picked her up a song book from the music store so she'd have something else to play while at home. They both were very surprised and very happy with their surprises.

In a couple of days it was time for Boros to make that important transition from baby to toddler! Ares picked up a cake on the way home from work. While Boros didn't actually do anything for his birthday, it was a nice treat for the parents. The leftover cake was a pleasant addition to the fruits and vegetables they've been eating.

Boros' birthday couldn't have come at a better time. With Ares off for the weekend he had both parents there to help teach him those all-important toddler skills. Walking, talking and potty training. Ares did most of the teaching while Zelda filled the house with beautiful guitar music. She's getting much better and just aching to get back to work!

Boros is a smart kid and learned how to walk and potty train in record time. Two down, one to go! His parents couldn't be more proud.

During this hectic week of Boros' growing up, Ares and Zelda still made sure to make time for themselves. Which is good, because what's a Legacy filled with broken homes? They're such a cute couple and Ares is working so hard to make a life for them. He's now a Corporate Drone working his way up the ladder.

Friday was Zelda's first day back to work after her extended vacation and she couldn't wait to get out of the house. Except that she did have to wait for Ares to get home since they can't afford a babysitter. She was only a little late, though. With her guitar skill so greatly improved she's nearly guaranteed a spot in the band! She's just got to get to know them a little better. Ares spent his time home with Boros teaching him how to talk. How sweet when your son's first words are "love daddy". Awwwwwww.

Ares had off Saturday and told Zelda to get out of the house for a bit to pamper herself. He would stay home with Boros. She's been so great taking care of their child and the house with him at work, she needed to get out. He barely had time to kiss her good-bye before Zelda was out the door. It can drive a Sim batty being cooped up all day! Ares half-expected her to go playing for tips in the park again, but all of Zelda's motherly-ness was starting to get to her. She's a rocker! And if she's ever going to be a Rock Star she should kinda look the part. So before work she headed across town and got herself a tattoo. A pair of angel wings on her back. That should do the trick. Now to just get in good with the band....

Ares and Zelda have been scrimping and saving and working so hard. With Boros nearing his age-up into childhood they decided it was time to start expanding. They now have their own room, an upgraded shower to replace the old one, a proper (if basic) kitchen, and a bookshelf to hold the books that Ares is cranking out on his lunch break. Now Zelda can learn how to cook her nutritous veggies into proper meals for her family. Their next goal is to add another bedroom for Boros so he doesn't have to sleep in the living room. If they can keep juggling their schedules, they should be able to pull it off in time!


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