Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Sim Legathree #2

Ah, newlyweds. Ares and Zelda decided that bare walls and grass underfoot would not stop them from christening their new house and bed in proper fashion.

The next few days were a whirlwind of activity for these young lovers. With only 3simoleons to their names it was time to get to work! They both got the next two days off (paid vacation to enjoy their honeymoon), but with both of them on the bottom rung of their respective career tracks that would only amount to a pittance.

Ares continued to work on his novels, receiving a paltry payment every few chapters. Zelda made her way to the park and utilized her mediocre guitar skills to earn some tips. This is dual beneficial for her since she's making money and increasing her skill. This will help her on her way to becoming a Rock Star.

When she got home Zelda was feeling a bit ill. She thought perhaps she had picked up something from using the public restroom at the park; until the next morning when it was quite obvious that she was pregnant already! Oh my.... They're not ready for this, but they're going to try to be before the baby arrives.

In order to stay at home with Zelda during the pregnancy, Ares used his time-off pay to purchase a used art easel. This way he can stay at home, work on the other half of his Lifetime Wish and still make a little money on the side.

In order to save a few more simoleons, he's also learning how to repair their cheaply made and bought items on his own. Why pay a repairman when you can do it yourself!

Not one to sit back being useless (unlike some other Sims) Zelda has put her green thumb to good use growing a nice little fruit and vegetable garden so they don't have to spend any more money than is absolutely necessary to feed themselves.

Their massive (and mostly empty) lot is right across the street from a fishing pond. Since Ares can still keep an eye on her he didn't fight Zelda when she offered to catch some fish. They don't have anything to cook it on just yet, but in Simland raw ingredients do not spoil in the fridge. No matter how cheap it is.

Ares did have to go in to the office for a bit to check in. While he was away Zelda snuck off on her own with the intent of making some more simoleons in the park. All of her good intentions went right out the window when she noticed this little boy and his table full of homemade goodies for sale. Her hormones and the growing baby inside of her would not let her pass up the chance at a fresh brownie.

She had just enough time to finish off her brownie before going into labor! She called Ares to let him know and promised to take a cab to meet him at the hospital, when in reality it was right across the street and she just ran. In spite of her little white lie she did beat him there and they emerged a few hours later with a son! Ares appears to be wondering how many books he'll have to sell in order to afford all of the things this boy will need in the near future.

Their little bundle of joy is named Boros. His random traits are Loner and Disciplined. Given their current financial situation it was fortunate that they had a son. He is needed to continue the Legacy. Nobody is surprised anymore by the creepy little doll appearing in their mailbox. Boros' doll is named Yvette. Will she become a lifelong companion? Or merely a toy soon discarded? Only time will tell.

Between feedings, cuddlings, diaper changes and sharing the only room in their modest house with a newborn the young couple must get creative when they want to spend time alone. Fortunately they are still young and a little Woohoo in the shower is not out of the question.

Upon returning to work Ares recieved a raise and a bonus. Not only is he now a File Sorter (a proper office employee instead of just another Landgraab lap dog), but they had enough after paying bills to expand a bit. Not much, but it gives them some breathing room.

Even so, the massive yard on which their home sits serves only to remind the couple of the task set before them. It is a daunting view, but I think they're up to it. They're both frugal (even though it's is not either of their traits) and resourceful and already off to a stellar start.


  1. Lol I love how huge the yard is in comparison to the house.

    1. lol That's one of the hardest parts of starting the challange is figuring out where to put the little shack. At least there's plenty of room to expand!


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