Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Sim Legathree #1

Legathree? Yes, because this is my third attempt at finishing the Legacy Challange. The first time my game glitched up horribly (that happens a lot....) and the second time my founding sim got struck and killed by a meteor. :/ Yet I persevere! As per the challange rules (which I do try to follow) I made up my sim and then randomized all of his traits. He lives in Hidden Valley because that's the only one that I could remember that lot you're supposed to by (which I had to rearrange some things because they plopped the equestrian place down on that lot during creation). I've never come close to reaching the 7th generation (or even the 4th for that matter), but hopefully this time will do it for me! So, with that little introduction out of the way, let's meet our founding Sim, shall we?

His name is Ares Panthos and he is Over-Emotional, Hates the Outdoors, Vegetarian, a Vehicle Enthusiast and a Heavy Sleeper. His Lifetime Wish is to be an Illustrious Author; to reach Level 10 in the Painting and Writing skills. This should be easy enough. He was teleported to Hidden Valley by his father, Zion, with clear instructions to establish the next leg of the Panthos Legacy line. He was gifted the largest empty lot in Hidden Valley, complete with a Beautiful Vista, and a mere 1600simoleons to his name. He must find a wife and bear a son, who will continue the legacy with another son and another.... Well, you know how it works. As a Vehicle Enthusiast he could not resist making his first purchase a car! Even this clunker set him back 1000simoleons, which left him precious little with which to build a house! Luckily homeless Sims have far more options than humans. His first stop? The library, of course!

While refining his writing skill by working on his first book "The Panthos Legacy Vol. 1", he decided that a career in Business would be the perfect choice to fund his homebuilding. Before he could make his way to the business offices, however, he was struck by this lovely sim walking into the library to return some overdue books.

Ok, so she looks kind of snooty to me, but he's got a legacy to build! After chatting her up for a while he learned her name is Zelda Langaraak, she's a Leo, single and works in the Music Industry. She was late for a show, so their conversation was cut short, but Ares is already smitten. He'd have to work fast to land her as his bride. First, a job!

He brushed his teeth in the library bathroom and headed off to meet with the CEO, Nancy Landgraab. She was impressed with his enthusiasm and hired him on the spot. He would start bright and early the next morning, working five days a week as her personal coffee getter. Yep, Landgraabs can afford to pay people for the most menial task. On his way back to the library Ares stopped by the grocery store for a handful of apples and the gym to shower. One last stop at the general store and he was almost ready to turn in for the night.

Yep, after everyone left for the night and the lights were turned out, Ares unrolled his sleeping bag and slept in a dark corner of the library. And why not? No Sim was ever killed by a meteor while sleeping indoors. So began his next week's routine. Sleeping and brushing his teeth in the library, showering at the gym and working that 9-to-5 for all it was worth. He'd call Zelda after his work day ended and before hers began. After a week she finally succumbed to his date request.

They spent the afternoon at the art museum where he learned that Zelda has the Flirty trait, this allowed him to lay it on quite thick and make much quicker progress than if he had shot for an Unflirty Sim.

Luckily in Simland engagement rings appear out of thin air, also luckily she said yes! Even though it was getting late, they made it to City Hall just in time to solidify their future with a quickie wedding. While signing the marriage papers Ares discovered that Zelda Langaraak Panthos is also a Party Animal, Easily Impressed, Childish and has a Green Thumb. Her Lifetime Wish is to become a Rock Star by climbing to the top of the Music Career (Rock path). She, as it turns out, is not quite so easily impressed that she was willing to sleep in the library.

They reached the home plot and Zelda looked at Ares with a mixture of confusion and disgust. "Yeah... this isn't gonna work for me... I need walls and a bed!" So between his meager savings and her dowry they managed to put together the most rudimentary shack.

The bed is nice, sims need good sleep just like anybody, but everything else is bare bones. Not even a proper floor or cheap paint to cover the drywall. Still, it is a start. If they both work hard they just may be able to build something liveable; not just for future generations, but something to enjoy in their own lifetime.


  1. I love it! Looking forward to reading about this some more.. you capture the best pictures to tell your story with!

    1. Thanks! :D *fingers crossed* I can actually finish it!

  2. I laughed so hard at "No Sim was ever killed by a meteor while sleeping indoors." I'm so excited about this story!!

    1. It's true as far as I know. I'd heard rumors of the meteor (like the satalite dish in 2), but I never thought it would happen to me! XD


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