Saturday, May 26, 2012

SH: Silver Diamond Chrome & CC: Fly With Me

Daddy's home! :D Of course now there's nobody banging around outside or pulling things off the trailer... figures. Still comforting to have him around.

Today's polishes were just full of surprises. First up I have Sally Hansen Silver Diamond Chrome. Now, I would swear that when my mom first got these (eons ago) that there was one that was practically, literally chrome-like. I don't think Titanium is the one I remember, and I'm thinking that Silver Diamond isn't either. It's close, but not quite what I remember.

So smooth and shiny. The only real downside to this polish is that is amplifies every teeny little imperfection. So if you're ridgey, you'll want to either buff or use a really good filler. That swatch is without any kind of topcoat, so I wanted to see what the shiny and matte topcoats would do to it.

Here was my first surprise! I put the shiny topcoat on my index finger and matte on my ring. The shiny did almost nothing while the matte made it very soft looking. I actually expected kind of the opposite. Shocking. lol You can't really tell because of the glare, but the shiny topcoat started to pull up the chrome a bit.

I've been putting off Fly With Me for a bit. No real reason, I guess. I love this color! Just had other things to try.

This polish is very similar to the Foiled ones I featured before, but it's not quite as single-coating. I think the base may be more sheer and/or the little glitters are not as densely packed in.

Then I got surprise #2 when applying the matte topcoat. If you remember, it did wonderful things with the Foiled collection, turning them all soft and luxurious.

I have matte topcoat on my ring and index fingers. Not my middle finger. Can you tell? At all? I barely can in person and only from certain angles. So weird!

Today's SwagBucks goal was easy-as-pie to reach today:

Also, they're doing special tickets through the search bar and I've collected 3 out of 5. Just a couple more days to get the other two! One interesting thing I did find while doing random searches, though is this game. You torment a zombie by flinging it into spike balls and spinning saw blades. Really simple, but kind of addictive. Check it out. ;)


  1. Fly With Me looks really good on you!

    1. Thank you, thank you. *bows* lol I really love these bright greens. Wait'll you see Meg. ;)


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