Friday, May 25, 2012

SH Ruby Chromes Compare

"Hey! No fair linking to skittles! That doesn't count!!" Who said that? Shut up. :p The fact is these polishes are so old and they're not really all that special. You want vintage Sally? Go for the Prisms. I have tons of them and they're all mostly a variety of red. They are amazing to use for stamping, but I don't really wear red. Still, I guess they deserve to be shown. The reasoning behind this particular madness is that upon looking (really looking) at the stash pics I noticed that aside from an overabundance of SH Chromes, I have 5 with Ruby in the name.

Left to Right: Burmese Ruby, Red Ruby, Royal Ruby, Ruby Chrome and Star Ruby.

Ta-da! No, that's not all. Since I am cheating-for-links a little I really outta show you each one individually. Each swatch is one coat that dried nearly instantly. That's the real magic in these polishes, I think. Almost no drying time!

First up is Burmese Ruby. This is the most red out of the bunch. It's also the smoothest. Also, as you can see by the red smear on my thumb, it was the trickiest to clean up.

Red Ruby is trying to lie to you. You see the pinky shimmer near my cuticle? That is the true color.

Royal Ruby is coming off kind of brown, but really it's more of a maroon.

Ruby Chrome is a lot pinker than you would expect given the name.

Star Ruby is the purple one of the bunch. It's pretty, but I don't understand the "Ruby" part.

There you have it. Minus the Royal Ruby it looks like the bottles are fairly accurate representations of the color. That's good to know. So, honestly, is this kind of single swatching good enough to link to from my stash? Or am I gonna be strong-armed into doing full manis for each color? ;)


  1. if you don't think you'll actually wear them for more than 5 mins...i'd say this can cover it!

    1. Yay! *phew* lol I'm glad I didn't wear them any longer than I did. Burmese Ruby stained my thumbnail! O_o

  2. Burmese Ruby is my favorite. Too bad about the staining though :(

    1. Totally surprised me. I don't think it was too bad, though. I did eventually get it off with some 100% acetone. ;) I worry, though, since I buffed them that the staining will just get *that* much deeper....


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