Sunday, May 27, 2012

SC: Easy Going & PI: Pink Ice (+hair!)

Yep, I went and did it to myself. I made the first picture all gross and un-facebook-worthy. So let's start with the actual polish and then work my way back. It didn't give me a thumbnail for the afghan, but with my luck it will for this.

To kind of prove to myself that I haven't turned into a polish snob I decided on Sinful Colors' Easy Going. It's not really my kind of color, but when polish is on sale I lose my mind a little.

Easy Going is a very light pink cream that really required three coats to look even. With my super-franken-topcoat it didn't take all night to dry. Yay!

The only downside for me is that it's so light that I felt like I was looking at leathery, old-lady hands while I was working on the afghan last night. The simple act of crocheting only added to the horrifying image. Since I'm still trying to prove my unsnobbiness (to myself, I care a great deal what I think :p) and since I didn't think I could wear this color alone much longer, after pictures I added a layer of Pure Ice's Pink Ice. Yep, another one of those colors I expected to be more opaque when I grabbed it. Thanks, PI. ;)

Pink Ice went on smoothly and thinly (compared to Easy Going which was a bit thick) and dried really quickly. It's a sheer pink with some white/silver shimmer.

Pretty? Yeah. Still... Definitely way more cutesy than I see myself wearing regularly... if at all ever again. Unless some really cute outfit falls into my lap. I may be a lot of things, but I do not scream "cute". -_- Sad, but true.

*ahem* Back to yesterday. I had my mom price polish remover while she was at the PX and since she found herself in the aisle she also found herself browsing the rest of the nail care selection. There she found something she'd never heard of before and asked me if I wanted the "strength" kind, the "cuticle" kind or the "growth" kind.

(See where Icarus slashed me while I tried to give him a bath? Wicked kitty.) I picked strength. Partly because it matches my remover and basecoat, partly because my nails need all the strength they can get! Growth isn't as much a problem, and my cuticles seem healthy enough to me. :p It's a gel with little beads in it and the "brush" is more lik a lipgloss applicator. I spread some on my nails and then rubbed it in. It says you can use it "over" dry nail polish (weird?) so I figure as long as it dried I could also use it "under" polish, too. Right? Sure, why not. It doesn't say I can't! (There are a few basecoats I've come across that do say specifically not to paint over them, so make sure you check the packaging before purchase!!) It says to apply daily and that results can be seen in five days. Since you can apply it over polish, I seriously doubt that claim. We'll see. I do have some peeling on my right hand's fingernails, will it stop that peeling in it's tracks? Stay tuned!

Now. My hair. I hate my hair. I don't know what the deal is with the pin-up place, but since Tammy started posting videos of hair ideas that she liked (for the two of us with longer hair) I figured I'd give it a shot. Best to be prepared. I watched both videos and since she was more excited about this one, this is the one I tried to follow:

If you're curious, the other one can be found here. I'm glad she likes the other one more cuz this one.... meh. I don't like it. (but then it's not my day blahblahblah stfu) *a-HEM* Contrary to what you may have surmised by my polish obsession, I'm not really a "girly girl" and doing hair is a skill that more-or-less eludes me. So, having never french braided before, I watched the video closely, ran to the bathroom, and here's what I got:

That's actually my second attempt. The first one came forward too much and did not want to go anywhere near behind my ear. You can kinda see there how much my hair has grown in the month since my last dye job, so I've kinda fulfilled that sorta-promise. Yay me! I'd say about a half-inch growth in a month. Was hoping for more (my mom's hair grows SUPER fast!), but I guess I should be happy that it does still grow, eh? The "messy bun" part is just not gonna happen at this length, sorry. Also, I don't know if it was entirely the lack-of-bangs exposing my massive forehead (thanks, daddy) or if the lack-of-makeup made me not like it so much.... so I ran back inside, threw some makeups on my face, pulled out a few wisps to mask my shame and I dunno if this is "bridesmaid appropriate" or even if she likes it like this (haven't heard back yet), but after ditching the bun (in addition to my other alterations :p) I now don't feel like I have to take this braid out before I leave the house.

If you're wondering what sort of hideous monstrosity of a dress I'll be forced to wear on this happy occassion, I can show you!! A firm decision has been made (and one ambitious girl already ordered hers lol) so here we are!

I know, right?! It's great!! Not expensive and I could actually see myself wearing it again. Not the sort of thing I'd pick up unprompted, but I still love it. I don't really have any retro-looking shoes to go with it, but it shouldn't be too hard to match. I do think I'm going to definitely dye my hair black so that the orangey-red doesn't clash with it. The only downside is trying to figure out how to order it through facebook (?? yeah, really) without screwing up. The other girl gave me the full list of measurements I need and the lady (I assume?) that runs the "shop" said she takes paypal, so first thing Tuesday I'm putting in the money and starting the transfer to my paypal and then I guess Thursday or Friday I should have this "omg how am I supposed to order a dress through facebook" business behind me. ;) *phew*

Even better news! (because it affects me directly and isn't geared toward anybody else) Today's SwagBucks goal was massively easy and thanks to a super simple Peanut Labs (I guess it's an affiliate) survey I totally smashed this one!

Yep, I rock. lol Except for the part where I've gained three pounds so now I'm wanting to lose 10 before the end of July. I have been kind of pigging out lately, though, so hopefully it won't be a massive undertaking. I'll be happy to get back under 155lbs, but 147lbs certainly wouldn't make me hate myself. ;) Need to start toning up my arms for that dress anyway....

OH! One last thing before I try to squeeze in some Xbox time. I happened across this blog the other day. It is in German, but since I've been trying so hard to become more fluent I'm refusing to let google help me. It's nails and makeups, so it's worth checking out if you want some more variety. I'm super impressed with myself that I'm easily understanding about half of it! :D Hopefully if she keeps posting regularly I'll get back into the habit quicker. Ok, now I think I'm done.... yep. Everyone have a safe Memorial Day!!!


  1. I love that Sinful Colors! Your hair looks freaking fabulous! I HAVE to try this! And...that dress is HOT!

    1. Thanks. *blushes* I can't believe I pulled it off. :D Finally got my paypal to go through now I'm just waiting for the dress lady to get back to me about ordering.... I wanna Sim!! LOL


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