Wednesday, May 9, 2012

RHPS Nails

Sorta. I thought so anyway, until nobody could figure it out. :/

That's supposed to be Frank's corset and necklace. I didn't want to do a different design on every nail, because that can get really busy really quickly. I was going to put the letters "RHPS" on my right hand, but my hands wouldn't stop shaking and my "detail" brush was a bit too thick to begin with. So my right hand is just the gray with red tips. Which, yes, looks an awful lot like Gilda Tipped Tao to me, too.... Here's what I used.

essence Luxury Secret and Nude It!, Zoya Edyta, Sinful Colors Under 18 and Wet n Wild French White.

Started out with Luxury Secret on all but my ring finger. Nude It! is on that one, because it's the body.

I freehanded everything. Using just a teeny bit of Edyta on the brush and carefully painting it on. I drew on the "ties" with Luxury Secret and the end of my skewer. I tried dotting on the necklace, but as you can see it kinda blooped all together.

After a pretty bummerish day I was feeling much better when Aaron started playing the Rocky Horror soundtrack on our way home. So I thought I'd go with the feeling and try out that corset idea that had been floating in my head since I realized Edyta would be the perfect color for it. I was pretty happy with it at first, in spite of the wonky looking necklace. Can you believe my mom thought it was kitty foot prints? Ah well. I think I'm going to give Gilda a whirl. Topcoat handy. lol I think there should be a warning on the jellys like there is for mattes so you know what you're getting into.....

Also, I'm thinking I really don't need all of those China Glaze chroma-glitters. They all kinda look the same to me! If anybody wants to swap for Ray-Diant, then hit me up at scorpio(dot)phoenix(at)gmail(dot)com. If I end up inundated with swap requests, I may just make it a giveaway. I only got the one! lol


  1. I LOVE RHPS!! Frank's corset is awesome!

    1. Yay!! :D Thanks. My absolute favorite movie of all time. hehehe

  2. i figured it out! well, sort of. i saw your pic on facebook and i thought "corset". it took you saying it was a specific corset for it to fall into place, but i totally get it. it's a great design and i think that it being more subtle makes it even better and more artful than just scrawling RHPS all over your nails.


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