Friday, May 25, 2012

Pure Ice: New Lilac & Busted

As much of a pain as it was to get that stash post up and coded, I'm really glad to have it. I now have a visually comprehensive way to check which polishes I've done and which I haven't. So in the name of getting a link under every one of those little pictures I decided to dig into my drawer and pull out not one, but two Pure Ice polishes to share with you. Starting with three coats of New Lilac:

I got this not too long ago (February or March?) because Walmart had them on clearance for 75cents or so. I thought it was a metallic polish (apparently so have a few other bloggers), but really I think it's just frosty. I could have gotten away with two coats, but then I took a shower and made a bit of a mess.... so this is three. As frosty as it is I didn't expect the matte to do much, but here it is anyway.

Shiny on the left, matte on the right. Busted I got a while ago. One of those wonderful Pure Ice polishes that ends up being way more sheer than it looks like it should be. Is it just me or do they do that a lot? I thought it would work well layering over New Lilac, though.

Busted is a silver/purple shimmer in a sheer purple base. Apparently it gets quite washed out in the sun. I promise you it's a lot more shimmery indoors and in the shade. I thought maybe matte would help define the shimmer.

Shiny on the left, matte on the right. Let's move into the shade....

Much better. :) Oh! I have fantastic news! Right before I logged off to play Sims I decided to refresh paypal one last time and finally the money was in there! So I quick put in my order to A England and this afternoon I got the confirmation that it's been shipped!! :D I posted it up on facebook and this girl mentioned something about a "mirror finish" polish that was only available in the UK? I dug around a bit and I think she meant the Maybelline Mirror Image? I found a comparison swatch between that and this other brand Stargazer Chrome and it looked identical. Has anybody tried these or seen them or anything? The reviews don't look so good, but that got me thinking. When my mom picked up the SH Chromes I got real disappointed because they looked so shiny on the display, but my nails are all ridgey so it wasn't as mirror-ey as the picture, but then when my mom painted it on her fake nails it looked fantastic so maybe that's where people are running into issues? I want to get one of these to try it out, I just don't know which color to pick. Probably silver.... lol It also got me in a mood to swatch one of my chromes since I buffed the hell out of my nails so they're pretty smooth. So you can look forward to that tomorrow. Like a moron I closed out the link to the daily survey (and have no idea how to get to it without that link) so I'm having a bit of issue getting my Swagbucks today, but with any luck I'll have that to put up with May's Random Phone Pics post later this evening. We're doing Papa John's for dinner so I should have time to do my nails before then. Maybe you'll get multiple polish posts since that dries so quickly. ;)


  1. Replies
    1. Me too. To think, I wasn't going to even get it. Just can't resist a good clearance sale.

  2. I hate when the Pure Ice polishes turn out too sheer. Urgh!

    1. Me too. :/ At least they're good for layering. Right? lol


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