Friday, May 4, 2012

Nabi Magnetic Pink & Heart Magnet

Yes, that moment we've all been waiting for! The moment of truth! *cues dramatic music* Sorry, I think I got a bit too much sun today. So, first let me show you Nabi Pink normal and unadorned:

Oooooh, aaaahhhhh. It is pretty (if a bit messy) and that's good, because..... well.... Let's show first, then tell:

See, the heart is a bit more defined in the picture than it was in real life, BUT!

The regular ChG magnet didn't show up that well either. So, it is my opinion at this time that the lighter color magnetic polishes possibly don't show the design as well as the darker colors. Which means I will be giving the heart magnet a second chance before saying "it's crap". Because I think it might not be. Granted it doesn't look like the heart on the sticker (the sticker that's on the magnet), but it could still look like a heart if it contrasted more with the background. Because you can kinda see it a little bit in the picture. If you couldn't tell I wasn't entirely thrilled with the effect. I didn't mind so much the wavy "chevron", just that it wasn't exactly impressive. So I thought "Well, I'll dig out Oxidized Aqua and crackle on over it and that'll get me through the day".

Uhm..... where's the crackle?! *facepalm* I'm hoping (fervently) that the polish being seperated and in need of a good shake (which I didn't realize until I got the bottle outside in the sun) is the reason for it's non-crackle-ing. Ah well, it's a pretty color and you know I'm a sucker for metallics so I just left it. I went to Walgreens and not only is Sinful Colors on sale, but they had a "new"(?) display full of neons! I know all of the colors aren't new because I got Irish Green a while ago, but I did grab two. Dream On, a "neon" purple that I have seen before; and Neon Melon, a "neon" yellow I have not seen before. I say "neon" because I won't know until I apply it. Which I'm about to! Care to wager on which one? ;) I also noticed they had Milani on sale so I grabbed Silver. That's what it's called. It's the Jewel FX silver and it just looked too funky to pass up.

Even though it was nearing 100degrees today, we got the call to jungle mow. So we did. Well, we got the call a couple of days ago, but nobody said "it's gonna be freakin' hot on Friday!" so... yeah. This time my awesome as hell mother in law included with payment these super awesome earrings she wore when we picniced:

I mentioned how much I liked them, and she likes them, but they're too heavy for her. O_o I was a teenage girl in the 90s. I've worn earrings so heavy they made my grandma cry. These are dainty featherweight earrings by comparison and I'm super stoked to try 'em out. As soon as I can figure out how to remove the captive balls out of these hoops without tearing the whole thing out of my head.... Or maybe I'll just stick these in with the hoops. What? You've never worn two earrings in one hole? It's layering and totally acceptable. :p

I wanted to pick up a few essences while we were at HEB, but some "lady" was blocking the whole display (and the two on either side) so tomorrow morning I'll be popping over to Ulta. I get reward points over there anyways. Yep, even got my coupon printed out already. So there. With that I could get 11 essences for $7.50 if I want. Take that! Not y'all... her. -_- Welp, about to restart my comp to see if I can get this ICS survey to load up. I'm so close to cashing out on swagbucks (95%!) I can taste it! Everybody ready for the weekend? I hope so, cuz it's here!! :D


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