Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Nabi: Dark Green With Barry M Magnet

Hello there. Yes, I'm still alive. For the moment. I didn't technically not post yesterday. I started working on my stash post at 11am and finally called it a night at 2am. :/ It's taking a bit longer to get it all put together than I thought. Plus there's the work going on outside that's kinda freaking me out. I just wanna be left alone! *cries* Today is "catch up on dishes" day so between that and trying to finish the stash post I don't know if I'll make todays 100point SwagBucks goal. But I'm getting ahead of myself! Yesterday I got some mail that caught me totally off guard.

Yay!! So exciting. Yes, I did order it, just it got here quicker than I expected. lol Also, his mom paid us early to jungle-mow (we're doing it tomorrow morning) and since EA is coming out with a new Stuff Pack for Sims 3 shortly, I decided to go ahead and grab the one I've been putting off.

The only problem I'm having now (aside from a severe lack of time) is that it's running pretty slow all of a sudden. I really want a new computer.... Anyway, I've seen the Barry M swatched before so I know the magnets work great for their polish (or maybe their polish is just great and works well with any magnet, I'll be testing that, too) so I decided to try out one of the Barry M magnets with the Nabi polish which has been giving me some issues here and there. Between the Dark Green and Dark Purple that I've been sitting on for a while I (obviously) went with green. Spastic me forgot to get a picture of it normal before I started, but at least I remembered before it was too late.

My pinky looks funky because I was a tad distracted. You understand, right? lol I have to say I was super impressed with this magnet. Just for kicks I held it up to the side of the bottle for about 5 seconds and it brought out the design on the side of the bottle. :D It actually stuck there for a while, too. I still held the magnet on my nail for 2-3 minutes to give the polish time to dry. I love this design!!

It doesn't look exactly like the cap design (see blue bottle above), but I think I like this better. It reminds me of that "angry emoticon" thingy they do in animes and I've already got the perfect nail art idea to utilize it. Also, a big problem I've had with magnets is something to do with either their strength or their size. I'm not sure. Either way most of my nails only get the design along the center. My nails aren't really wide, but they are very curved. Practically a half-circle. The Barry M magnet had no trouble reaching along the sides.

And since I knew today was going to be a dishes-day I just matte-ed them last night instead of doing something else completely. This also helped with my lack of time issue. lol

Aaron went to a Psychostick (stik? *shrugs*) concert last night with his friends and when I went to pick him up he wanted to grab some food to soak up the beer on his gut. I was pretty hungry, too (thanks to my chat buddy mentioning tacos, thanks a lot), so we went to Walmart where I saw one of the most awesome shirts. I couldn't resist.

Not a huge comic book fan, but I'm all about Girl Power. lol And just because I took the screenshot yesterday before getting totally involved in my (upcoming) stash post:

That's yesterday's goal reached. Barely. Today's is 100 and no survey for Lizzy, so I think I'll be missing a day. *boo* Ah well. Strange people making noise outside my house (right outside my window!!) is stressing me out so bad (totally buggin') I barely even care. Guess I'll update my ticker with what I do have, plow through another sinkful of dishes and then work a bit more on my stash post. With any luck I'll have that put together for posting this evening. Hope everyone's enjoying their day!


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