Monday, May 14, 2012

Models Own: Tropical Sun (plus!)

Oh my goodness I have so much to share all of a sudden! :D And for once it's all good! First, the polish. I decided to try out Tropical Sun for a couple of reasons. Abbie doesn't have it and wants to see it, and I'm not really that into oranges. So, ya know, get it out of the way. (side note: Check out Abbie's blog! She did the most amazing freehand paisley design!!) What was I talking about? Oh yeah! Tropical Sun. This polish is the most beautiful pink/peach/orange! The pink is kind of hard to see, it's mostly orange and peachy with a bit of silver shimmer thrown in there. Very lovely, like what I imagine a tropical sunrise would look like!

As beautiful as it is shiney, this polish absolutely glows when matte!!

If you look near my cuticles in the bottom picture you can see the pink! Seriously, though, those pictures do not do it justice. Matte-ed it reminds me of, like, glowing thermonuclear peaches. In a good way! I think all of the "summer" Beetlejuices are sheer which I'm not super thrilled about, but I really didn't mind too much. All of these pics are 3 coats and fully dry (enough to go to bed) after an hour. No topcoat. Except the matte. Next I'll be trying Purple Blue which looks more like a red-brown in the bottle.... We'll see!

My mom had another (possibly her 2nd to final) dermatology appointment this morning and they had a nice variety of samples out today. ;)

Neutrogena acne wash (which works amazingly), some body wash, sunscreen, shampoo, conditioner and dry skin cream. I *heart* free samples. lol

Finally, I got two very awesome emails. The first is my $10 from SwagBucks got deposited!! So I ran over to eBay real quick and ordered the two Barry M Magnetics I wanted.

Yay! And now I can say with 100% personal-experience certainty that SwagBucks does, in fact, pay out. Good news, yes? Yes! Steadily truckin' along to the $100. As exciting as that is, the other email had me floored. I've been waiting for an email from A England and I got one!!

*GASP*!! I have until the beginning of June (to off-set the time it takes the funds to get into paypal) to gather up $30 and I'll be getting Order of the Garter, Perceval and Morgan Le Fay!! *falls over* I wasn't going to get Morgan, but it's on sale and it's part of a set now (sorta) so I'll go ahead and get that one, too. I'm most excited about Order of the Garter. It is, by far, the absolute most stunning blue I have ever seen. Aaron picked on me a bit about the sudden influx of UK polishes, but that's ok. lol Just because he doesn't get it, doesn't mean I won't! I'm going to need a bigger storage tub....


  1. Replies
    1. lol I know, right? This is getting rediculous. XD

  2. Pretty polish! I love Abbie's blog too!

    1. It really is. Definitely the biggest surprise so far.

  3. Aww Lizzy you sweetie you! Thank you for that :) I can safely say that tropical sun is lush! Even more so mate which I wasn't expecting :D


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