Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Models Own: Purple Blue (+PI: Vinyl +Stray +SB!)

Hello Darlings! Yep, got a lot to share today as well. Totally wasn't expecting to, but so many things happen! Even so I'll start with the real reason you're here. Models Own: Purple Blue! This one was actually kinda streaky on the first coat, but covered nicely with the second. Dried quickly, no bubbles. I was fairly unenthused until we went under the bright halogens of Walmart (and later outside in the overcast-sun).

OOOOoooooooh. :) This is the first one where you really get the name, all the time. Well, in the light. Like I said it's pretty unimpressive by monitor glow. Interestingly, this is the first one that was fairly unimpressive when matte-ified.

It kinda lost it's blue! So weird. Lizzy's verdict? Purple Blue stays shiny. lol You probably noticed I'm getting those annoying white specks from the dried matte dropping into the bottle. I have a backup bottle so I'm conducting an experiment! I added some polish thinner to this one to see if I can dissolve those pesky little chunks without breaking the matte finish. *fingers crossed*

So last night we went to Walmart and aside from the massive amount of money we spent on other stuff, I also think I spent way more than I should have on polish. :/ I saw this display for Pure Ice Vinyl Remix and I had never heard of it before. I know this is old news to at least one of you (*cough~Bethany~cough* lol I saw your comment on the blog I searched up when I got home), but I was seriously intrigued. Intrigued enough to spend $7 on what amounted to, in my opinion, nothing more than a regular ol' crackle.

The "specialness" of this is supposed to be that you put on the white basecoat and then use the black to swirl (or whatever) over it and voila! the base changes color depending on which of the Vinyls you use. And you can mix and match. So what you have there, from left to right, is Vinyl-over-Base diagonally, Vinyl over regular polish, Vinyl-over-Base swooshy, then my regular black crackle swooshy and swirly. So you can get these "designs" with regular crackle. I think the Vinyl may work a tad better because the consistancy is a little.... less dry?, but the "mix-n-match" color change background is no big deal, really. You can just do that with regular polish. If these go on clearance I'll pick up more, but I'm not spending almost $7 on this again. Live and learn!

Next! The other night Aaron and I were in the living room chatting it up with my parents and we heard this faint meowing. Like a cat in distress. All of ours were accounted for and suddenly it stopped so we didn't think much of it. Today while I was on the back porch I heard the same meowing (did you know cats had different voices like people? I sure didn't) only much louder. Suddenly I'm love-assaulted by this guy!

I feel bad because he is way too friendly to be feral. I don't even know if he's technically a stray. My dad's stance is "Adult stray cats can be fed on the porch, but are not allowed inside." Fair enough, right? I mean... disease? Anyway, he tried to follow me back in so I waited until he was scratching and popped in to grab him a bowl of food and water. While he was eating I set down the cat carrier and put in an old, dry pair of sweatpants because it's been kinda cold and rainy lately.

Then to save myself the grief of denying entry again I went around to the front door to come back inside. After doing dishes I peeked out to check on him and he was fast asleep curled up in the carrier.

AW!!! Poor guy. I really think I must be going some kind of crazy, though. I came in and Saleen (who spent more than her fair share of time outside) and Icarus (a kitten stray I begged my dad to let us keep) were both staring at me and meowing at me wondering why I didn't let him in. So I spent about five minutes trying to explain and they wouldn't shut up so finally I just left. Onyx can explain it to 'em. She doesn't want anymore cats in the house either. lol

SwagBucks News! (tired of reading yet? lol!) When they announced yesterday that they were going to do a "daily goal" thing with extra swagbucks awarded for reaching each days goal, my first thought was "oh well, guess I'll just keep doing it the hard way". Today, however, I had a bit of luck!

You get 60SB for completing a survey so I decided I'd sit here and do one no matter how long it took since the extra 10SB is almost a given. It only took me three tries to qualify and finish one! (why can't OpinionOutpost work so quickly?) So I easily reached the goal for the first day. Which gave me a nice little boost on my way to that $100 payout. :D I've also been going through the "cards" on the main page, X-ing out the old/irrelevant ones, and have managed across a couple of "watch this for X Amount Bucks". Awesome easiness.

Finally, just because I really like how this picture came out even if the rings are a little hard to read:

Hope everyone's having a great week so far!


  1. i saw the display for the Vinyl polish at walmart so i looked at it and thought...isn't this just crackle? it intrigued me but not enough to buy it...now i'm glad i didn't. Crackle is ok but not worth the $$ sometimes

    1. Yeah, in this case it kinda wasn't. Next time I spend that much on a crackle it'll have glitter all in it! ;)

  2. This is my least favorite Models Own so far. I looove that pretty kitty and I laughed when you tried to explain to the other cats that you couldn't let him in. Lol! I have two outdoor kitties and my boyfriend (a huge softy, even though he pretends he isn't) lets in the one that likes to come in. My boyfriend will sit and play with him for a long time. Also, I agree that the surveys on swagbucks are annoying. Sigh.

    1. LOL Never thought I'd see the day when I had to defend myself against a couple of cats. My dad's the same way. Tries to pretend like he doesn't care, but he does. ;)

  3. I like Purple Blue even if it's not that duochromey lol the cats arguing, that's a happy vision in my head ;) I can't resist cats, I always let them in and feed them they're just too cute!

    1. That's so sweet. :) I'm sure they're very glad to find you!


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