Saturday, May 19, 2012

Models Own: Pinky Brown (+Beetle Compare)

Really sounds like an ugly name, huh? I mean, when you look at the bottle? Because pastel pink and normal brown go well together. I think they named this one last... after a long day at the office.... and they were tired of putting "purple" in the names... because that's more what this one is.

Yes, I had kind of a rough day yesterday (which I'll get to momentarily), so I tried cheering myself up with a little butterfly. :D Before bed.... -_-

So I'm not always the brightest crayon in the box. Anyway, even though this polish doesn't really scream "pink" or "brown", it is lovely. This is two coats that dried fairly quickly. Also, I have to say that when I'm sitting here adding the Models Own topcoat I feel kinda fancy and special. :) Possibly a little weird to those of you who live over there and have easy access to it and it doesn't cost an arm and a leg (yes, I'm aware it was free in the box set), but it's special for me. Just not special enough to not snag my butterfly while I was sleeping. That's okay, though! It gave me the opportunity to compare it with Hard Candy's Beetle which it was reminding me of all night.

See? Very similar.

I have my index finger with Pinky Brown matte, middle is Pinky Brown and ring is Beetle. They do look alike...

Well... from most angles they do. Beetle is more a combination of Pinky Brown and Golden Green. Even so, on the purple side of Beetle... Very similar.

And here's a closer compare of the matte version:

So. Super apologies for my nasty man-hands (and the horrible Beetle clean-up), but I've been totally buggin' since yesterday. (Yes, I turn into Cher from Clueless when I'm under stress. Don't judge me. :p) I was heading outside to check on the stray (which I haven't seen since this morning) and begin my regular porch-cleaning work for the day when lo-and-behold I practically trip over the landlord's son. Not literally, thank goodness, figuratively. It was a stroke of luck, actually, because he plans on rebuilding our back porch and was wondering if I could have it cleaned up by Tuesday. "Oh, you mean this porch that's rotted through because the roof leaks and I did have clean until my sister decided to take all of my carefully stacked boxes and move them out here so her and her girlfriend could stay in the spare room for 2 days and I've actually been working on for weeks to clean up without breaking my back? Oh absolutely great and powerful one I can do that!" is what I thought. What actually happened was I looked around to assess what was left and said "Yeah, I should be able to have this done by then." And since this guy and his buddy aren't the most handy of men I'm guessing it'll be a week long job, at least. So I'm not gonna be a happy Lizzy for the next two weeks. I promise if it gets bad enough that I have to vent, I'll do it in a seperate post that you can read or leave at your choosing. Back to my original apology, that is why my hands are messed up. Moving boxes. Many many boxes. If blogger wasn't being so slow I'd find the POD link to show you the kind of mess. If blogger is loading fine for you (I hope it is, cuz this is rediculous and I may have to uninstall/reinstall IE) and you're super curious, you should be able to use my search bar for POD. Uhm....... ok, yeah, I think that's all I had to say about that at the moment.

I do have a bit of a silver lining for myself. I did reach the 100point goal yesterday and (somebody kill me now) it ended up being far easier than the measly 60point goal for today. They ran out of surveys before I could qualify for one (I really try not to lie to qualify, but....) so I had to get 60points the hard way.

*phew* That's a lot of html.... Tables: easy to code, hard to type. *ahem* Since I've been busting my ass all day I think I'll grab the last of the tent poles off of the porch and take a nap. If anyone else is having a problem with blogger being slow (or knows how to fix it), please let me know. Thanks. :D Enjoy your weekend!


  1. ugh i searched for POD but the only thing that came up was this blog/post :(

    1. Turns out everything loads up fine on the laptop. I think I'll be digging for my system recovery disc. Anyway, here's the link to give you and idea of the massive amount of shit:

      I'd say it's maybe 2/3 of everything we were sent. -_-

  2. Sorry about sad Lizzy :( . I bought Beetle because of your previous swatch, but I still haven't tried it. I have no idea why. I must do that! Also I LOVE Clueless!

    1. No worries. I'm sure I'll live. Just gotta piss and moan from time to time. ;) lol I love that movie, too. XD So funny. Can't wait to see Beetle on you!


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