Saturday, May 12, 2012

Models Own: Golden Green

:D Yep, I'm still super excited. lol First up: Golden Green!

And a picture of the beetle I'm pretty sure they based this color off of.

Kewl. This polish went on so smoothly and was opaque in two coats. I can't say the brush "rivals" Zoyas, but it did come close. Had to do hardly any cleanup! I do kind of wish I had remembered reading about the chemical odor that comes off of these polishes, though, before getting my face too close to my hands. It's not really "awful" smelling, but it is chemical-ish and also very familiar to me. Since it's a UK brand I'm wondering if it's the same smell as the polishes my mom used to get when we lived in Germany? Or maybe it smells like something else altogether I've long since forgotten about. Either way it's not really unpleasant for me, I'll just have to remember not to get too close until it dries. The only real problem I had was a bit of bubbling, but I think that may have been from their topcoat.

Tried another layer of polish over to smooth the bubbles, but no dice. Next time I'll try applying it a little thinner and see if that makes a difference. The colors in this polish ranged from a deep emeraldy green which reminded me of SaGreena to a green-tinted goldish color. The most prominant is the mid-way sort of khaki green color.

Of course I had to try and get a video to show you all of the colors. Not sure how well it worked, but if you pay attention when my nails are nearly horizontal you can catch that pure green.

I'm so very happy with this one. I think it would be perfect for camping or hiking. :) Before I go, I have one other little thing to share. A little while back, Brak and I sort of watched Princess Jellyfish together. Her at her place, me at mine. Anyway, since then I've been wanting to make a little Clara doll for her and my mom found a cute crochet pattern that isn't exactly Clara, but still very cute.

I didn't want to share the pic until after she got hers. Which she did yesterday, so there you go. lol Mine is green with a purple belly and hers is purple with a green belly. I like how the face is centered on mine better, but her tentacles are arranged better. So, like us, if I could squish those together it would make a more perfect jellyfish. Now to go run some errands and hopefully get to play New Vegas for a bit. I wanted to play something that still had achievements to achieve, but.... that game is just too awesome to put down for too long.


  1. i love how up close you can see some glitter in the polish! so pretty

  2. This color is FABULOUS! I want it. Too bad about the bubbles. I hate when that happens. The jellyfish are adorable, but I love my octopus! I named her Shelly!


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