Friday, May 18, 2012

Models Own: Copper Pot

I think there might be something wrong with me. My $5 Ulta 'coupon' expires tomorrow and I had every opportunity to go this morning (being payday and with Aaron asleep) and.... I just didn't. I haven't gotten a flier from them about the glitter crackles (which I don't even know if they're going to stock concidering they can't seem to even give away the previous crackles) and I don't think they're going to restock the Zoya flakies so.... I dunno. Except for the $15 holos (which I'm not paying that much when I can still get at least purple and blue holo on amazon for $7) and since the coupon isn't good on clearance items.... I just don't see any reason to go. Weird.....

Anyway, today I have the final "summer" Beetlejuice: Copper Pot! As thick as it looked on the brush I expected it to be more opaque, but it is not. In this case it's not quite as ok for me as the other two because it's just sheer enough and just orange enough to make my nails look dirty. -_- So next time I wear it I'll have to dig out my Copper Chrome for layering. Even so it is a very lovely color that reminds me of those coins that dangle on belly-dancer outfits. It a totally non-tacky kind of way. I guess what I mean is that it's very exotic looking.

There's not really a strong color-shift in this one. Mostly orange and yellow and gold/copper/bronze. There is a green you can just see in some angles, but it didn't want to show up in any of the pictures. :/ You can kind of see it in the bottle in the fourth picture, though. It does show up on the nail, but it is very elusive. lol

The matte topcoat did kind of weird things to this one. On one hand it is very lovely outside when the sun hits it, it shows of a very nice orangey glow. On the other hand.... inside it just looks like a darkish tan. Kinda flat and unappealing. Also, it didn't do anything to disguise that "dirty nail line". Did I expect it to? I dunno. Wishful thinking, I guess.

I think I mostly like this one better shiny, too. I do have good news, though! I forgot to mention this yesterday, actually. (I think I'm addicted to commas..... Not even 100% sure I'm using them properly anymore....) I did add the polish thinner to my matte and as you can see it works fantastically. It didn't react badly with whatever makes it "matte", but there are two things I feel I should mention. Well, two rolled into one, I guess. I did add a bit more thinner than I normally would have since it wasn't really "too thick", I just wanted to dissolve those annoying little chunks. This did work, but it also made the polish almost too thin. Sometimes I'll notice shiny patches and have to do a second coat. Otherwise, since I haven't been able to websearch a definite answer myself I'd like to be the first person that I know to say definitively: Yes, you can use polish thinner to demolish those little white specks that appear in matte topcoat after a while without any adverse effects. Except a bit of thinness. I don't know if the little metal ball in there helped at all, but I always feel better having it in there. ;)

Unfortunately (for me) I have not yet reached today's SwagBucks lofty bonus goal of 100 points. I did get lucky and qualified for (and finished) a survey on my first try. Even so I've still only made 86 points today so no victory picture of that, I'm sure between watching the videos and putting random crap into the toolbar search I can do it by the end of the day. Gonna be a SwagBucksTV and afghan kind of day. Still need to get some more pictures of that for Brak.... Aw, but it's not all sad monies news. Yesterday our change jar was "full enough" to cash in!

I really hope those pics uploaded properly. Also.... yeah, I shoulda cleaned the top before snapping the picture. :p Sorry. Still! Pretty exciting. After CoinStar took their cut we still had about $40 which we used to pay on our Lollipop Chainsaw pre-order. Only about $15 left to go on that and then waiting for the release. Then we can work on his two games (Borderlands 2 and BioShock Infinite) which aren't coming out until fall. So there's time. Everyone ready for the weekend? :D I... kind of am. lol For now I'm just looking forward to seeing if Pinky Brown is any prettier in person than in the bottle. ;) Take care, everyone!


  1. you could use your $5 coupon for the nail whitener stuff since you think they look dirty :p

    that color looks like it would look good with my Venus costume that i have! :)

    1. Funny :p It really would look great with that costume, though. You should totally let me borrow it. ;) lol

  2. I love your comparison! It definitely looks like coins on a belly dancer. Pretty!

    1. It really is pretty, huh? :) I'm absolutely loving this whole collection.


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