Sunday, May 20, 2012

Models Own: Aqua Violet (+Beetlejuice Rundown)

*falls over* lol The porch hasn't been that bad. I got it almost all done yesterday. My back kinda hurt, but I was rewarded with one of the most strange and awesome dreams when I napped. :) That, I think, made it kinda worth it. Still a few heavy things to move, though, and I'm worried about the... other structural problems concerning the trailer itself. "The roof doesn't leak" Oh yessir it does and that's why the siding is peeling off. *sigh* And there's the window that was broken when we moved in... Anyway, guess what I got in the mail yesterday? :D No, not the Barry M magnetics. Not yet. Something just as good and possibly better! My check from CashCrate for $20.80. *confetti* I was all excited about getting to deposit it so I can order those A Englands.... then I realized today was/is/would be Sunday. Bummer. Tomorrow, though! Bright and early. I did get a little lucky. I almost picked up an external hard drive so I could reset Frankenputer back to factory settings.... and it's a good thing I didn't because A) all of our important stuff fits on 5 DVDs and B) apparently I have no idea where my recovery disc is. :/ Double Bummer. I did uninstall/reinstall IE, though, and it appears to have helped a little.... it still won't let me expand the archive on my own blog (though it let me on other blogs) and Blogger's captchas won't come up! I don't understand why not. If you have your comments set to captcha verification, I haven't been not commenting because I hate you, it's because blogger (or IE or something else) hates me. Sorry!

*phew* I am so glad to be finishing on such a strong note with this collection!! I haven't been disappointed really with the colors or formula, just that a couple haven't been as impressively duochrome/multi-tone as I thought they might be. Aqua Violet, however, does not disappoint in the least. The name on this one is quite apt as well.

I had company... lol This is two coats and my "Out The Door" topcoat because I would have been devestated if I smudged it while I was sleeping.

Very strong aqua/violet duochrome with a definite shift between the two. Even better when you get to see both at once!! Aaron laughed at me last night while I was sitting here swinging my chair back and forth going "blue" "purple" "blue" "*giggles*" "purple".

Lovely!! Matte doesn't really *add* to it as much as with Tropical Sun, but it doesn't really take away anything either.

Just makes it softer.

Ok, so now we've seen them all. I think my favorites kind of surprised me in the end as a few were very different than I expected them to be. Even after seeing them online. So here's my list with #1 being my top favorite:

1. Tropical Sun
2. Aqua Violet
3. Golden Green
4. Indian Ocean
5. Emerald Black
6. Purple Blue
7. Pinky Brown
8. Copper Pot

Surprised? I am, too. Copper Pot would have been a lot higher (#6, or #5 even) if it weren't for that orange tone making my nails look dirty! I hate that. I love the color, though, so I'm definitely going to have to try it over something much more opaque. Which ones are your favorites?

I'm kinda sorta working on my "stash post". I've been trying to find the third drawer to this... plastic chest of drawers thingy I found on the porch. I should just go buy one since it's kinda warped anyway. Either way I think I'm going to have to skooch the air conditioner over a little so I'm not blocking it with my insanity. That way I'll have a nice, clean, flat surface to work on instead of either hauling my (heavy!) box outside or using my chair for pictures. lol

Still working hard on SwagBucks, too. Today's goal was a mere 50points and I qualified for a survey so I super passed it!

Ok, maybe not "super" super, but still. Slowly, but surely, making my way to my personal goal and this is definitely helping. I wonder, though, if that ticker is what's making my blog load funny.... I hope not. It really helps. :/ Hope everyone's enjoying the weekend! :D


  1. Beautiful polish! I would have been swinging back and forth looking at the two different colors too. Lol!

    1. hehehe It's like magic! After a week of multi-tones, though, I'm kind of glad to have a nice, "normal" cream polish on now. *phew* lol

  2. meow! meow! meow! lol you were ignoring somebody! how dare you!

    I really love this color! i was surprised by the colors too! but i really like this one then Indian Ocean and Tropical sun. too bad i don't live near you to borrow/swap polishes! *cries*

    1. I know, right? Had to go and leave before all the polishy excitement. ;) Even so, resist the Hell Void!! I'd rather come up and see you than have to see you get sucked back here again. -_-

    2. if/when we do move back to Texas it won't be Killeen. But we WILL move back to Texas. I feel kinda sorry for this baby...having to be born in Ohio! LMAO

    3. If/when you do, I hear Belton has great schools. It's not too far, but far enough. ;) Pflugerville has AWESOME schools, but it's SO expensive to live there....


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