Friday, May 25, 2012

May's Random Phone Pics

Yay!! lol To those of you who are new to this, once a month I like to empty out my phone of all the random pictures I've taken. Whether I sent them to anybody or not, whether I had any plans of posting them or not. They all get a home on my blog once a month just because I feel so bad deleting them.

I don't remember if I shared this one here or not, but I did end up sharing it on facebook. This huge spider was parked right next to my head while I was using the toilet and I didn't see it until I got up. Yep, this dirty bugger scared me so bad I had to take his picture before smashing him to smithereens.

Next we have some expensive cat shampoo I picked up for Saleen. She still hasn't gotten her bath...

Last week we picked up one of those Pizzaz pizza spinners. We'd had one years ago and it crapped out. Funny story: This thing used to be under $30 until somebody caught on (like we did) that you can use it to cook almost anything. So by only changing the box to include pictures of appetizers they increased the price to $50 for the exact same product. Shenanigans!! Oh, this picture is because it still doesn't accomodate square pizzas so I snipped off the corners with a pair of scissors.

Not sure how to describe this next one. I was playing sims and this sim had a cat. One sim-night I had the cat going from the scratching post to the bed to sleep and... well....

That is some buggy animation. LOL Thankfully it fixed itself, but not before I got tired of the apartment-associated lag and moved onto another sim.

I was a bit too far away for this one, but that's a wreck up the road. Was so bad I ended up having to circle all the way around a whole block to get to that Mickey's.

Now some furry fun! First up a few pictures I took of that stray outside to send to Aaron's mom. Trying to guilt her into giving him a home.

Jet fooling around on the kitchen floor with her moehawk all splayed out.

Onyx in a box on the couch.

Aaron's friend's monster-dog Duke.

He's such a sweetheart. And Saleen making herself comfortable on the kitchen counter.

Funny story #2: I've nicknamed her "Tubbins" because she's gotten so fat. My mom heard me calling her that one day and asked "Tubbins?" "Yeah". So she starts calling Saleen, "Saleeeeen. Saleeen! Tubbins?" and she finally looked. Told my mom Saleen is her slave name and she goes by Tubbins now and I thought my mom was gonna split a seam since that's what she does, in fact, answer to now. Tubbins. Poor kitty needs a bath....

This last one's actually a screenshot, not really a phone picture, but I said I'd reach today's goal in spite of my spazziness and I did!

Booyah. I also printed off two coupons from there since we had to pick the stuff up anyway (one for $1 off of Country Crock and one for 75cents off of two Milky Way (for my dad)), but I don't know when I'll get the points for that. As long as it's before the end of May so I'll get my double points!! Now to paint my nails for real, update my ticker and... I dunno. Probably sim. Or maybe I'll watch some more SBTV for points before I forget to respond to some emails. :p


  1. simming sounds good! i'm gonna go sim too!

    1. Yay! lol Feel free to get screenshots of any weird animations. ;)

  2. THAT SPIDER. JUST NO. I bought that same pet head brand shampoo for my dog, it smells great but I don't know if it's worth the money. Also, you bathe your cats? That does not sound fun! lol

    1. I'm not really sure if it is either, except that it was the only shampoo for cats with sensitive/irritated skin that we could find. We got Saleen as a rescue so she's pretty stressy, we had another rescue cat with the same skin irritations (a problem none of our other animals have had) so hopefully the soothing stuff in the shampoo will help. She actually took the bath FAR better than I expected! Only tried to escape twice and didn't make a peep. O_o

  3. That stray is gorgeous!! Also, I had a cat named Onyx when I was a baby. There's a picture of me and her on my changing table, and her tail is in my mouth. LOL. Lastly, that spider is hella scary. I'm glad we normally don't get them that big in NC.

    1. LOL When we first moved out here there was almost nothing else around except trees. We had two spiders on the porch that were 3x bigger than that one. XD


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