Thursday, May 24, 2012

essence: Wanna Be Your Sunshine

I am freaking out!! Not just because of all the banging outside of my window (I think (hope) they're almost done), but also because my deposit into paypal hasn't cleared yet. :/ I started the transaction before noon on Tuesday so I don't get what the hold-up is. I'm pretty sure it's on my bank's end. They need to hurry up so I can order me some more polish! XD

I love how essence has their polishes named. Most of 'em are kinda flirty, but cute, but not in a sick "little girl" kind of way? Hrm. I picked Wanna Be Your Sunshine because it was nice and cool and overcast this morning (perfect for jungle mowing) and I was kind of hoping that carrying Sunshine around with me would keep Mr. Sun at bay. No such luck. Still a very pretty yellow.

It kind of looks like a regular cream, but when the light hits it just right you can see the shimmer that's in the bottle.

It went on smoothly and was opaque in two coats. I love these teeny little polishes!! I was going to swatch Warpaints Glow Pink, but... it's a lot more sheer than I anticipated so all you could see was my base color (Foil Me Once) and it glows green anyways, so... yeah. I need to check Colette's blog because I know she has a couple of glow polishes that actually glow the color that they are.

Guess what?! After having some time to unwind I actually did end up reaching (barely) yesterday's SwagBucks goal. Only because they gave me a survey about video games. ;) Took me almost 45 minutes to qualify for one this morning, but it was nice to get my goal reaching out of the way early.

Yay! I'm pretty sure this runs until the end of the month, so not too much longer having to push myself. I'm going to switch things up just a little bit here. I backed up my stash post onto bravehost so I think I'm going to also move my ticker there, make a button or something for up top and then I can just update my bravehost page with new bottles and swatches. :D Great idea, right? *pats self on back* Sure it'll be more regular work updating it, but it will sure be easier than trying to do that all over again. And hopefully taking down the ticker will get my blog back to normal loading for me. I guess no one else is having too much trouble, but it just does not like me. Ah well. Almost the weekend! Hope everyone's having a great week.

Oooh! Email! Not from paypal, unfortunately, but Nubar Absolute has been shipped! :D Prolly get it Tuesday. *fingers crossed* At least I don't think the British air mail will take Monday off.... ;)


  1. Pretty yellow! I love that it's only two coats. Yellows can be so hard to find. I need to pick this up!

    1. omg I'm so glad you can SEE it! *falls over* Haven't been able to load up photobucket all day. :( Still working on it. Have some more awesomeness to post!


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