Monday, May 7, 2012

essence: Modern Romance & Space Queen

Today's been a pretty decent and productive day. After I get this up I guess I'll go out and move some more boxes so I can keep up the momentum before something bad happens. So, I started with two coats of Modern Romance:

Which I thought was going to be a light pink. It's more of a light neutral beige with pink shimmers. I read on some blog that it had "gold" shimmer that looked "silver" in the picture, but outside in the sun the shimmer in my bottle is definitely pink. Looking at the bottles side-by-side I thought that Space Queen would match with it really nicely.

Hrm. Maybe I'm just not in a glitter kind of mood? Or maybe I was expecting something different. Either way, if I wasn't sure that something was going to happen soon (it always does) I'd take it off and try something else. The good news is that while I was outside getting pictures I learned something about my camera. I rarely use the digital zoom because it usually comes out grainy and the display looks more like one of those mystery pictures. So I thought I'd take a picture of Jet snooping around the fence and see if y'all could guess what it was.

Wait a second... That doesn't look half bad. So I switched my camera over to 'macro' and held it at my normal mani range, trying to ignore the wretched LCD display and....

Yay!! Now I can do super up-close macro shots. :D The LCD screen might not like it, but the lens seems to be ok with it. I wonder if I can take a picture of the display with my phone so you can see how bad it is. lol

So happy to see my SendEarnings balance finally increasing. Can't wait to cash that one out. If I had known they were going to suddenly stop sending the paid emails I never would have wasted my balance on the Gold account. Ah well. Live and learn. Hope everyone's week is off to a great start.


  1. Hmm I can see why you might not have been feeling it, it's a bit of a blah glitter IMO

    1. It really kind of is. I was expecting something a little more special looking, I think.

  2. These nails would be perfect for going to work or somewhere formal. Very classy and simple!

  3. Love this colour, very cute!


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