Sunday, May 13, 2012

Essence Makeups Review (+goodies)

Hello again. :) Since we're going to be meeting up with Aaron's mom shortly I decided to go ahead and make myself pretty for the day. Well, since I'm doing that anyway I figured I'd take some pics and let y'all know how the essence make-ups I picked up last week worked out for me. Kewl? Kewl. First, though, let me apologize for the out-of-focus pics. Do you hate it when bloggers "review" makeup by testing it on their hand? I do. So even though the pics weren't easy to get, I used these products on my face. You know, where they're meant to go. :p My next camera will have auto-focus.

This translucent mattifying powder is exactly what it says it is, and does exactly what it says it's going to do. The good part of that is that it's matte (I can't do shiny skin) and it feels so light on the skin. The bad part is that it's... well... translucent. And I need a bit more coverage than that.

If you have evenly toned, unspeckled skin then this would be great for you! Next time I'm out I'll see if they have any kind of smoothing foundation. I haven't used foundation in years, but I'm willing to experiment.

Next up: The Colour & Shine eyeshadow.

A word of warning if you plan on picking one of these up: The darker color is closer to the color you're going to get. It goes on really smoothly (which is nice cuz I'm old so my eyelids like to wrinkle when I put my makeups on....) and evenly. While it's not quite the "bronze" color I was hoping to achieve, this shiny brown is nice, too.

Then, since I was using my new stuff anyway, I went ahead an tried out the Models Own pencil. OMG!!! I didn't even warm it up and it glided on so smoothly! Totally worth typing in the free item code at checkout. And then some!

LOL My eyelashes look pitiful without mascara. XD If the exchange rate wasn't so crippling I would totally pay for this.

While we were out and about today Aaron wanted to swing by the mall for more incense. We hit up Earthbound because they sell the Nag Champa for a reasonable price. They also happened to be having a Buy 2 Get 1 Free sale on jewelry. I almost got a super cute mustache ring (I totally will next time), but when I made my way around the display I just could not pass up these super cute Scrabble rings.

hehehe My name is worth 12 points. I could have looked around and gotten "LOL" or "WTF" or something funny, but I guess I'm a bit of a narcissist. They only had the one Z and I couldn't let anyone else have it. My dad got a kick out of it.

I mentioned a while back that I was working on another crochet project. Well, I finished it! Right before I started typing this up, actually. Anyway, my mom found this pattern for the Super Mario Bros. power up mushroom. I didn't have any red or green handy, so I used this multi-color yarn she got me to make an octopus with (and never got around to doing):

Lizzy's Super Psychedelic Power-Up Mushroom. LOL I don't think mine came out as good as the pictures, but it's cute in it's own way, I suppose. I will make an octopus with that eventually, but I think I'll work on the afghan a little more. Would be nice to finish it before it gets cold. ;) So, curious me, did y'all like this post? Or was it more of a "meh" kind of thing for ya? I don't buy face makeups too often so I don't plan on doing this kind of thing a lot, but... ya know. lol Don't want to bore the few readers I do have.


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