Thursday, May 10, 2012

Claire's Mood Polish Lonely/Loved

Hiya gals & possibly guys. (yep, trying out different greetings lol) Ever put on a polish and immediately think "oh, bummer!"? I hadn't until just last night. The polish in question, if you hadn't guessed by the title, is Claire's Lonely/Loved.

Not too bad looking, right? How about a close-up on the glitter?

Yep, just cuz I figured out how to do it you're gonna get blasted with "close-up" pictures whether they're warranted or not. lol I love my "new" (to me) camera. Anyway, it's not an ugly polish. It's not a bad formula, aside from being so sheer after three coats. It dried really quickly. "So what's the problem, Lizzy?" I'm getting there. The problem is that it's supposed to be color changing. It's cold inside and cold & rainy outside, so I went to the sink and ran some water over my nails to force the color change and......

Cold Water
Hot Water

OMG Just sit back and appreciate the amazing subtleness of this color change. It's so.... subtle!! Bummer. :/ Actually, I think Claire's product testing department may be to blame for this little wonder. Apparently a few people have had this particular color not change for them and it was on clearance for a dollar. Live and learn, I suppose.

Sort of fitting in it's own way, I suppose, since it's been kind of a bummerish week. Ok, so the week hasn't been too bad (I haz a new friend!), I've just been feeling pretty "blah" in general. So today while I was out and about I decided to treat myself to a teeny little bit of retail therapy.

need to treat myself to cleaning my keyboard....

From left to right: Ultimate Pink, Icy Princess, Hard to Resist, Lime Up!, a "Color & Shine" eyeshadow called Fabulous, and Zoya Dannii. With coupon I spent $8 I had squirreled away for A England..... -_- Just one teensy weensy little problem.... while I was inputing the new colors into my spreadsheet I discovered (oh will wonders never cease?!) I already have Hard to Resist. *headdesk* This is the third or fourth time I've picked up a color I already have so I will be printing out my spreadsheet and keeping a copy in my purse. Also because I was perusing the clearance rack and realized there were 4 or 5 Zoyas I wasn't sure if I had or not! How can I not remember these things? It seems like not so long ago I could count off all of my polishes on both hands and now.... I've turned into one of the crazy people. I was even looking at those plastic drawer thingies thinking "that'd keep everything together and it would fit right into that space between my computer and the air conditioner!".... Don't judge me. I may be crazy and have a serious problem, but y'all are my enablers. LOL Oh my freaking gawd Beetlejuice needs to hurry up and get here!! Oh, and I'm going to see if I can figure out how to put up a poll in one of the sidebars so be on the lookout for that. *EDIT* I have the poll up, it's at the very top of the left-hand sidebar. In case you missed it. Happy Thursday!!


  1. i voted!

    also that sucks that yours didn't really change color...i know mine didn't change that much but it was still alot more noticeable than that!

    1. Yay for voting! lol Yeah, at least it's not an ugly polish, but still kinda disappointing. I have another blue color-changer, so maybe if I layer it over that one? *shrugs* I think you're going to like tomorrow's post. ;)

  2. I like the colour change, it's definitely subtle but it works in its own way right?! LOL! I have Dannii now so I'm excited to see what that looks like

    1. Yay! lol I can barely even see a difference. Dannii is so pretty! I haven't tried it yet, but in the bottle it's gorgeous!

  3. LOL I love your sarcasm about the awesome change. I agree, I'm not into it either!


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