Tuesday, May 8, 2012

China Glaze: Ray-Diant

Hello all. You may have noticed (or not) the new progress ticker up at the top there. I suppose I'm getting a little ahead of myself since I haven't even gotten that first $10 yet, but... meh. Something to work towards.

Last night I was exceptionally indecisive. With everyone else being busy I simply reached under the bed and grabbed a polish from my Unworn Box at random. Didn't feel around for bottle shape or anything; just reached under, in, and grabbed. What came out was China Glaze Ray-Diant. The gold/green one from the Prismatic Chroma Glitter collection. Before I show this off.... man. After I put it on, naturally (or unnaturally) I went poking around to see other people's swatches and.... geez.... I really don't like to come off as so snarky but this one chick, I think, may have been a tad.... let's say rushed. Somehow she was only seeing complementary glitter ("it's pink with larger pink, magenta and silver glitters") when the full rainbow of color that I've demonstrated here and here are clearly visible in her pics as well. It just struck me as very odd and... lazy? I'm not sure. Maybe I'm still coming down from yesterdays sugar-buzz (ugh) and need to spend less time poking around the internet. Anyway, with no further delay, here is China Glaze Ray-Diant. A greenish/goldish duochromey fine glitter with larger rainbow glitters thrown in there:

Which is looking totally silver in the bottle.... This time I did one layer of Ray-Diant over a layer of black. I was hoping that I'd be able to more fully capture that duochrome on the nails like this, but it decided to rain this morning. I didn't topcoat either, but the texture isn't really that rough. Unless you're just OCD about smooth nails (which is ok, I'm not judging) you probably don't really need one. Here I go playing with the zoom again:

I'm a little mad at myself. I was really really good last night and almost ordered the ChG glitter crackles off of amazon. Then I talked myself out of it. I still have that weird $5 Ulta coupon for the 14th-19th, so I'm hoping they'll have it in by then. If not, then I'll do amazon because it's only $5 a bottle there (I'm just really hoping Ulta doesn't sell 'em for $8 like the chroma ones). Was also eyeballing the upcoming neon set from ChG for this summer and I'll probably be getting at least the green one. Would be super nice if they could send 'em to me to promote/test (*nudge~nudge*) but I'm not gonna hold my breath. Guess I'll go do some more laundry before I start depressing myself more. lol Take care y'all!


  1. I bought the Wet n Wild version of this today!

    1. *gasp* I didn't know they had one. What's it called? Can't wait to see it! :D

    2. The collection is Wet n Wild Coloricon Be Jeweled. This blogger I follow swatched them all: http://www.scrangie.com/2012/03/wet-n-wild-coloricon-be-jeweled-nail.html check it out!

    3. Oh man! *facepalm* That is the exact same thing! XD Actually, I think the WnW ones show off the base color better. Dangit.... gonna have to keep my eyes open. lol


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