Thursday, May 31, 2012

Barry M: Magnetic Blue

Last night I decided to try out the Barry M Magnetic Blue polish. With the magnet from the black one. lol This polish is a fantastic darkish blue that I think would suit well for denim. (Still haven't tried my franken lol)

Last night was kind of a learning experience. I guess it's one thing to paint my nails normally while I'm playing Sims, but I really shouldn't try to Sim and magnet at the same time. The design was a lot clearer last night than it ended up being fully dry because I didn't end up holding the magnet for as long as I usually do.

I do like this design and I'm definitely going to try it on the Nabi Green. I bet it'll look like scales. :) And, of course, matte-ified:

Matte on the right. Very awesome. Just really have to make sure to hold the magnet longer when I try the black Dark Silver.

Again, for the very final day of the Carnival, I didn't think I'd be able to reach the goal, but I did! Like, barely before I lost interest. Had to sign up for some stuff I didn't want to, but the surveys weren't cooperating....

No more worrying about that. I did make a bigger jump towards my goal than I otherwise would have, so at least it was beneficial.

Hubby picked these up for me yesterday. :) They're good, but thankfully I haven't eaten the whole bag. Doing a lot better at rationing even without my little ziploc tub. I think my bank is getting pissed that every time I make a deposit it automatically goes into paypal.... They're taking a lot longer than normal to approve the funds. :/ Oh well, guess I'll sim and order the dress tomorrow. After I check on Saleen. :( She's getting stress-bald-patches again. Poor kitty....


  1. The blue is rather nice! Shame you didn't hold the magnet on for long enough, I bet it would've looked sick! Ha :D

    1. omg It so was when the design was fresh. I'm definitely going to have to give it another shot.

  2. Replies
    1. LOL Come on by. I still have half a bag of those ones.


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