Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Avon: Fusion & ChG: Oxidized Aqua

*blinks* When did I get 20 followers?! (^_^)"/" Hi everybody!! OMG guess what? I hurt my thumb... LOL Ok, so a few years back my mom bought one of those giant inflatable swimming pools and it was cool for, like, two summers and then, ya know... nothing. So it's been sitting crumpled up outside forever and I finally had the brilliant idea to cut it up into smaller pieces and just throw it away a little at a time. Turns out... scissors hurt. lol Still, it's a good idea and it's working so I guess I'll suffer.

So last night I knew I was going to be going to bed early (because I had to wake up early, obviously) so I needed something fast-drying. While perusing my stash page I thought, "Gee, I should just finish off the Avons even though I'm pretty sure I used Fusion for more than stamping even if I can't find the post for it...." Which I may have and just not taken pictures. *shrugs* Either way, Fusion it was and here it is!

Fusion is a pretty cool dusty rose color, but it's also kind of odd. It's got... like... mini-glitter? Chunky shimmer? It's got something in it that makes the texture kinda rough. It looks more sheer in the pics than it does in real life. This is two coats and like the others it did dry really quickly.

Thanks to this bizarre and unexpected roughness I needed a topcoat for the next step. I've used Oxidized Aqua a couple of times with less-than-stellar results. I felt it needed a redemption. And possibly a fix. So I added a few drops of thinner (the bottle was still mostly full) and shook the crap out of it. Let it sit for a bit and....

Oh that is so much better!

See? Crackley like it's supposed to be and I knew it could be after Haute Metal. Ready for matte?

My middle finger (the one on the right in the 2nd pic) is the matte one. I think this is another one I like better shiny. Shows off the metallic finish better, imo.

SwagBucks News: I've learned some things. No... not how to get that last Collector's Bill.... Apparently there are three different survey things? There's the "60SB once a day" deal on the main feed, the Peanut Labs ones on the "Special Offers" page and also "Trusted Surveys" is a whole other thing. I'm working on filling out my profile (for SBs!) and you can start and not complete up to 5 for 1SB each. So in between filling out the profile ones I tried a couple of the surveys that came up. I was disqualified for one and finished two! One of which was worth 100SB!!

The big surprise is that the landing page said it could take 3 business days (or up to 6 weeks) to credit to my account. Here I was all worried it would take all day to reach 90 after I couldn't qualify for a "Main Feed" survey. Silly me. I'm almost 15% of the way to that $100 payout!!

I did get the money for my dress deposited and the paypal transfer started. Bright and early. Tomorrow I get to wake up early again to register my mom's van. Depending on how long that takes I may also swing by the mall. Sandy says Hot Topics is clearancing all of their Warpaints to make way for a new brand they have. More expensive brand, of course, but they have really cute skull nail polish bottles and if I'm feeling froggy I may pick up green. My collection is still short a neon green. Hope everyone's having a great week so far.


  1. get the green! and let me know if it's as bright as the yellow!! i wish they had more war paint nail polish left but all they had at my store was a bunch of matte and some weird pink color...not neon, not soft, not rose....it was ugly! LOL but they had tons of lip gloss, eye shadow and eyeliners! AND perfume! and the box i got. All for 99 cents each! SCORE!

    1. I am absolutely going to have to check that out!! I saw the perfume last time we were there, but it was SO expensive. *fingers crossed*

  2. Replies
    1. It's always fun to find out which finish fits best. :)


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