Thursday, May 31, 2012

Barry M: Magnetic Blue

Last night I decided to try out the Barry M Magnetic Blue polish. With the magnet from the black one. lol This polish is a fantastic darkish blue that I think would suit well for denim. (Still haven't tried my franken lol)

Last night was kind of a learning experience. I guess it's one thing to paint my nails normally while I'm playing Sims, but I really shouldn't try to Sim and magnet at the same time. The design was a lot clearer last night than it ended up being fully dry because I didn't end up holding the magnet for as long as I usually do.

I do like this design and I'm definitely going to try it on the Nabi Green. I bet it'll look like scales. :) And, of course, matte-ified:

Matte on the right. Very awesome. Just really have to make sure to hold the magnet longer when I try the black Dark Silver.

Again, for the very final day of the Carnival, I didn't think I'd be able to reach the goal, but I did! Like, barely before I lost interest. Had to sign up for some stuff I didn't want to, but the surveys weren't cooperating....

No more worrying about that. I did make a bigger jump towards my goal than I otherwise would have, so at least it was beneficial.

Hubby picked these up for me yesterday. :) They're good, but thankfully I haven't eaten the whole bag. Doing a lot better at rationing even without my little ziploc tub. I think my bank is getting pissed that every time I make a deposit it automatically goes into paypal.... They're taking a lot longer than normal to approve the funds. :/ Oh well, guess I'll sim and order the dress tomorrow. After I check on Saleen. :( She's getting stress-bald-patches again. Poor kitty....

Sim Legathree #3

The days have been going by smoothly for Ares and Zelda. Boros is actually a fairly easy infant to care for. When Ares returned to work, Zelda decided to surprise him by making herself over to look more "motherly".

On his way home from work he decided to surprise her as well. He felt a bit bad that she was the one given maternity leave to stay home with the baby, since his Lifetime Wish can be worked on anywhere and hers is work-specific. So he picked her up a song book from the music store so she'd have something else to play while at home. They both were very surprised and very happy with their surprises.

In a couple of days it was time for Boros to make that important transition from baby to toddler! Ares picked up a cake on the way home from work. While Boros didn't actually do anything for his birthday, it was a nice treat for the parents. The leftover cake was a pleasant addition to the fruits and vegetables they've been eating.

Boros' birthday couldn't have come at a better time. With Ares off for the weekend he had both parents there to help teach him those all-important toddler skills. Walking, talking and potty training. Ares did most of the teaching while Zelda filled the house with beautiful guitar music. She's getting much better and just aching to get back to work!

Boros is a smart kid and learned how to walk and potty train in record time. Two down, one to go! His parents couldn't be more proud.

During this hectic week of Boros' growing up, Ares and Zelda still made sure to make time for themselves. Which is good, because what's a Legacy filled with broken homes? They're such a cute couple and Ares is working so hard to make a life for them. He's now a Corporate Drone working his way up the ladder.

Friday was Zelda's first day back to work after her extended vacation and she couldn't wait to get out of the house. Except that she did have to wait for Ares to get home since they can't afford a babysitter. She was only a little late, though. With her guitar skill so greatly improved she's nearly guaranteed a spot in the band! She's just got to get to know them a little better. Ares spent his time home with Boros teaching him how to talk. How sweet when your son's first words are "love daddy". Awwwwwww.

Ares had off Saturday and told Zelda to get out of the house for a bit to pamper herself. He would stay home with Boros. She's been so great taking care of their child and the house with him at work, she needed to get out. He barely had time to kiss her good-bye before Zelda was out the door. It can drive a Sim batty being cooped up all day! Ares half-expected her to go playing for tips in the park again, but all of Zelda's motherly-ness was starting to get to her. She's a rocker! And if she's ever going to be a Rock Star she should kinda look the part. So before work she headed across town and got herself a tattoo. A pair of angel wings on her back. That should do the trick. Now to just get in good with the band....

Ares and Zelda have been scrimping and saving and working so hard. With Boros nearing his age-up into childhood they decided it was time to start expanding. They now have their own room, an upgraded shower to replace the old one, a proper (if basic) kitchen, and a bookshelf to hold the books that Ares is cranking out on his lunch break. Now Zelda can learn how to cook her nutritous veggies into proper meals for her family. Their next goal is to add another bedroom for Boros so he doesn't have to sleep in the living room. If they can keep juggling their schedules, they should be able to pull it off in time!

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Nubar: Absolute

Guess what? My "Tuesday" prediction was right. I guess internal package tracking is a skill. lol First, though, some polish "news". Stuff you may already know, but it's news to me. Sally Hansen has jumped on the magnetic bandwagon! Their color range is similar to other companies that have put out more than a handful of colors, and their magnet only comes out with one (wavy) design so far, but that was still pretty exciting. The buzzkill? $10 a bottle. Still, now you know. I feel like I'm forgetting something else I wanted to share.... Ah well, if I remember I'll try to edit it in before posting. ;)

Nubar Absolute. It is just my luck that I get another holographic lovely and after weeks of full-on sunshine it's overcast all morning. So I started off trying to take pictures indoors, relying on the flash for sparkle.

I was expecting more of a linear holo like Reclaim, but this scattered look is still really pretty. Absolute is pretty sheer, though. This is 4 coats and no topcoat. I held off on posting prematurely, working on my SB goal to give the sun a chance to come out. Which it finally did. (I guess I shouldn't say "finally" since a large part of me was hoping for rain...)

OMG Look at that sparkle!! I wish it would do that inside, but without the bright (direct) light it's just kind of a dusty cornflower blue. Pretty, but not pretty like that! So. The reason for "no topcoat" was pretty simple. I had read that topcoat diminishes the lovliness of holo polish. So after I got those pictures I decided to put that to a test.

Don't freak out! From left to right you have No Topcoat, Shiny Topcoat and Matte Topcoat. Maybe if your topcoat (does it bother anybody that I squish those words together? I know most people say "top coat", but it looks better to me as topcoat) is cloudy or something it'll mess with the brilliance, but to me I can see no difference. The matte, on the other hand, kind of ate the specialness of the polish. It's still a pretty, soft kind of blue, but none of the magic. Another polish for the "Shiny" list.

Now, thankfully, some goodness. I needed goodness today. I went downtown to register my mom's van and it took all of 20 minutes. Leaving me plenty of time to run to Ulta! Now, after seeing Butter London Knackered not once but twice swatched yesterday it was my full intention to take my 20% off coupon and nab it if it was in stock. Yet... when I got there and had it in my hand... I just couldn't do it. It's so expensive!!! I just couldn't do it! What I did do was sit and gaze at the pretties in the Zoya Beach & Surf display. I made a decision which I will illustrate with a picture stolen borrowed off of their website. (The below image in it's unaltered state is the property of and I make no claim to it and.... yeah, it's not my picture it's theirs)

Ok, out of the entire 12 polish Beach & Surf collection, there are only 4 that I really really really want. If you hadn't guessed, all four are in the "Surf" part of that equation. They're shimmery. ;) I got Meg today (both because it's green and I like Family Guy), tomorrow I'm going back (with another 20% off coupon) to get Rory, then Friday is Myrta, then Saturday is Zuza. The coupon is good until June 2nd, so I'm in luck! One a day for the next 3 days. I almost got Rory today, but why pay a whole dollar more than I have to? I did check, but they still didn't restock the flakies, so I'm really doubtful they will and also no glitter crackle which I've decided I'm getting online anyway. I'm thrifty. lol Sorta.

More good news! Even though I ended up sleeping in so I was running a little later than I wanted to this morning I still sat here to do my SwagBucks searches trying to nab that elusive final Collector's Buck. Time is running out!! Fortunately I can now rest easy. I got it!

All five Collector Bills and a cool 10SB to aid me in my goal reaching. Which, thanks to another Trusted Survey going through, I did!!

Only one more day and I'll have made it through the whole carnival, goal-reaching thing. That will be a relief. Kind of exciting, too. I like being involved in stuff. <3 Speaking of, tomorrow I should be ordering my bridesmaid dress. *fingers crossed* I read back over the measurement directions and that last one is a lot less confusing than the first time I read it. lol Helps to not be flustered. Time to post up, do my nails and load up Sims. Tomorrow's one of those "hafta" days so I may as well enjoy today while it's going so well. Hope everyone's having a great week.

Sim Legathree #2

Ah, newlyweds. Ares and Zelda decided that bare walls and grass underfoot would not stop them from christening their new house and bed in proper fashion.

The next few days were a whirlwind of activity for these young lovers. With only 3simoleons to their names it was time to get to work! They both got the next two days off (paid vacation to enjoy their honeymoon), but with both of them on the bottom rung of their respective career tracks that would only amount to a pittance.

Ares continued to work on his novels, receiving a paltry payment every few chapters. Zelda made her way to the park and utilized her mediocre guitar skills to earn some tips. This is dual beneficial for her since she's making money and increasing her skill. This will help her on her way to becoming a Rock Star.

When she got home Zelda was feeling a bit ill. She thought perhaps she had picked up something from using the public restroom at the park; until the next morning when it was quite obvious that she was pregnant already! Oh my.... They're not ready for this, but they're going to try to be before the baby arrives.

In order to stay at home with Zelda during the pregnancy, Ares used his time-off pay to purchase a used art easel. This way he can stay at home, work on the other half of his Lifetime Wish and still make a little money on the side.

In order to save a few more simoleons, he's also learning how to repair their cheaply made and bought items on his own. Why pay a repairman when you can do it yourself!

Not one to sit back being useless (unlike some other Sims) Zelda has put her green thumb to good use growing a nice little fruit and vegetable garden so they don't have to spend any more money than is absolutely necessary to feed themselves.

Their massive (and mostly empty) lot is right across the street from a fishing pond. Since Ares can still keep an eye on her he didn't fight Zelda when she offered to catch some fish. They don't have anything to cook it on just yet, but in Simland raw ingredients do not spoil in the fridge. No matter how cheap it is.

Ares did have to go in to the office for a bit to check in. While he was away Zelda snuck off on her own with the intent of making some more simoleons in the park. All of her good intentions went right out the window when she noticed this little boy and his table full of homemade goodies for sale. Her hormones and the growing baby inside of her would not let her pass up the chance at a fresh brownie.

She had just enough time to finish off her brownie before going into labor! She called Ares to let him know and promised to take a cab to meet him at the hospital, when in reality it was right across the street and she just ran. In spite of her little white lie she did beat him there and they emerged a few hours later with a son! Ares appears to be wondering how many books he'll have to sell in order to afford all of the things this boy will need in the near future.

Their little bundle of joy is named Boros. His random traits are Loner and Disciplined. Given their current financial situation it was fortunate that they had a son. He is needed to continue the Legacy. Nobody is surprised anymore by the creepy little doll appearing in their mailbox. Boros' doll is named Yvette. Will she become a lifelong companion? Or merely a toy soon discarded? Only time will tell.

Between feedings, cuddlings, diaper changes and sharing the only room in their modest house with a newborn the young couple must get creative when they want to spend time alone. Fortunately they are still young and a little Woohoo in the shower is not out of the question.

Upon returning to work Ares recieved a raise and a bonus. Not only is he now a File Sorter (a proper office employee instead of just another Landgraab lap dog), but they had enough after paying bills to expand a bit. Not much, but it gives them some breathing room.

Even so, the massive yard on which their home sits serves only to remind the couple of the task set before them. It is a daunting view, but I think they're up to it. They're both frugal (even though it's is not either of their traits) and resourceful and already off to a stellar start.

Amazing Giveaway on Polished Criminals!

Ok, you totally have to check this one out. Polished Raych over on Polished Criminals is hosting another awesome giveaway! This time it includes two magnetic polishes and a green-blue duochrome!! :D Wanna see?

Entries are being accepted for the next 30 days so go here and enter!! Honestly, if I don't win I'm going to be stalking eBay for those magnetics. Seriously? Quilt design? Totally stoked.

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Avon: Fusion & ChG: Oxidized Aqua

*blinks* When did I get 20 followers?! (^_^)"/" Hi everybody!! OMG guess what? I hurt my thumb... LOL Ok, so a few years back my mom bought one of those giant inflatable swimming pools and it was cool for, like, two summers and then, ya know... nothing. So it's been sitting crumpled up outside forever and I finally had the brilliant idea to cut it up into smaller pieces and just throw it away a little at a time. Turns out... scissors hurt. lol Still, it's a good idea and it's working so I guess I'll suffer.

So last night I knew I was going to be going to bed early (because I had to wake up early, obviously) so I needed something fast-drying. While perusing my stash page I thought, "Gee, I should just finish off the Avons even though I'm pretty sure I used Fusion for more than stamping even if I can't find the post for it...." Which I may have and just not taken pictures. *shrugs* Either way, Fusion it was and here it is!

Fusion is a pretty cool dusty rose color, but it's also kind of odd. It's got... like... mini-glitter? Chunky shimmer? It's got something in it that makes the texture kinda rough. It looks more sheer in the pics than it does in real life. This is two coats and like the others it did dry really quickly.

Thanks to this bizarre and unexpected roughness I needed a topcoat for the next step. I've used Oxidized Aqua a couple of times with less-than-stellar results. I felt it needed a redemption. And possibly a fix. So I added a few drops of thinner (the bottle was still mostly full) and shook the crap out of it. Let it sit for a bit and....

Oh that is so much better!

See? Crackley like it's supposed to be and I knew it could be after Haute Metal. Ready for matte?

My middle finger (the one on the right in the 2nd pic) is the matte one. I think this is another one I like better shiny. Shows off the metallic finish better, imo.

SwagBucks News: I've learned some things. No... not how to get that last Collector's Bill.... Apparently there are three different survey things? There's the "60SB once a day" deal on the main feed, the Peanut Labs ones on the "Special Offers" page and also "Trusted Surveys" is a whole other thing. I'm working on filling out my profile (for SBs!) and you can start and not complete up to 5 for 1SB each. So in between filling out the profile ones I tried a couple of the surveys that came up. I was disqualified for one and finished two! One of which was worth 100SB!!

The big surprise is that the landing page said it could take 3 business days (or up to 6 weeks) to credit to my account. Here I was all worried it would take all day to reach 90 after I couldn't qualify for a "Main Feed" survey. Silly me. I'm almost 15% of the way to that $100 payout!!

I did get the money for my dress deposited and the paypal transfer started. Bright and early. Tomorrow I get to wake up early again to register my mom's van. Depending on how long that takes I may also swing by the mall. Sandy says Hot Topics is clearancing all of their Warpaints to make way for a new brand they have. More expensive brand, of course, but they have really cute skull nail polish bottles and if I'm feeling froggy I may pick up green. My collection is still short a neon green. Hope everyone's having a great week so far.

Sim Legathree #1

Legathree? Yes, because this is my third attempt at finishing the Legacy Challange. The first time my game glitched up horribly (that happens a lot....) and the second time my founding sim got struck and killed by a meteor. :/ Yet I persevere! As per the challange rules (which I do try to follow) I made up my sim and then randomized all of his traits. He lives in Hidden Valley because that's the only one that I could remember that lot you're supposed to by (which I had to rearrange some things because they plopped the equestrian place down on that lot during creation). I've never come close to reaching the 7th generation (or even the 4th for that matter), but hopefully this time will do it for me! So, with that little introduction out of the way, let's meet our founding Sim, shall we?

His name is Ares Panthos and he is Over-Emotional, Hates the Outdoors, Vegetarian, a Vehicle Enthusiast and a Heavy Sleeper. His Lifetime Wish is to be an Illustrious Author; to reach Level 10 in the Painting and Writing skills. This should be easy enough. He was teleported to Hidden Valley by his father, Zion, with clear instructions to establish the next leg of the Panthos Legacy line. He was gifted the largest empty lot in Hidden Valley, complete with a Beautiful Vista, and a mere 1600simoleons to his name. He must find a wife and bear a son, who will continue the legacy with another son and another.... Well, you know how it works. As a Vehicle Enthusiast he could not resist making his first purchase a car! Even this clunker set him back 1000simoleons, which left him precious little with which to build a house! Luckily homeless Sims have far more options than humans. His first stop? The library, of course!

While refining his writing skill by working on his first book "The Panthos Legacy Vol. 1", he decided that a career in Business would be the perfect choice to fund his homebuilding. Before he could make his way to the business offices, however, he was struck by this lovely sim walking into the library to return some overdue books.

Ok, so she looks kind of snooty to me, but he's got a legacy to build! After chatting her up for a while he learned her name is Zelda Langaraak, she's a Leo, single and works in the Music Industry. She was late for a show, so their conversation was cut short, but Ares is already smitten. He'd have to work fast to land her as his bride. First, a job!

He brushed his teeth in the library bathroom and headed off to meet with the CEO, Nancy Landgraab. She was impressed with his enthusiasm and hired him on the spot. He would start bright and early the next morning, working five days a week as her personal coffee getter. Yep, Landgraabs can afford to pay people for the most menial task. On his way back to the library Ares stopped by the grocery store for a handful of apples and the gym to shower. One last stop at the general store and he was almost ready to turn in for the night.

Yep, after everyone left for the night and the lights were turned out, Ares unrolled his sleeping bag and slept in a dark corner of the library. And why not? No Sim was ever killed by a meteor while sleeping indoors. So began his next week's routine. Sleeping and brushing his teeth in the library, showering at the gym and working that 9-to-5 for all it was worth. He'd call Zelda after his work day ended and before hers began. After a week she finally succumbed to his date request.

They spent the afternoon at the art museum where he learned that Zelda has the Flirty trait, this allowed him to lay it on quite thick and make much quicker progress than if he had shot for an Unflirty Sim.

Luckily in Simland engagement rings appear out of thin air, also luckily she said yes! Even though it was getting late, they made it to City Hall just in time to solidify their future with a quickie wedding. While signing the marriage papers Ares discovered that Zelda Langaraak Panthos is also a Party Animal, Easily Impressed, Childish and has a Green Thumb. Her Lifetime Wish is to become a Rock Star by climbing to the top of the Music Career (Rock path). She, as it turns out, is not quite so easily impressed that she was willing to sleep in the library.

They reached the home plot and Zelda looked at Ares with a mixture of confusion and disgust. "Yeah... this isn't gonna work for me... I need walls and a bed!" So between his meager savings and her dowry they managed to put together the most rudimentary shack.

The bed is nice, sims need good sleep just like anybody, but everything else is bare bones. Not even a proper floor or cheap paint to cover the drywall. Still, it is a start. If they both work hard they just may be able to build something liveable; not just for future generations, but something to enjoy in their own lifetime.