Monday, April 16, 2012

Zoya: Mitzi!!

Another lovely from the darling Bethany; Mitzi was just full of surprises. Went on smoothly, dried quickly. That much I expected. She was not quite the neon yellow I expected, however. More of a bright limey yellow-green. Which I love! I mean, seriously, just look!

Unfortunately it was overcast again today, so that's the best bright/outdoor picture I got. Oh, but why-oh-why am I showing my right hand? Well.... I was going to try and do a water marble with the Mod Mattes, so my left ring-finger was prepped with two coats of Wet n Wild French White.

This bottle definitely shows it's age. lol Now.... I really should have known better. The faster a polish dries, the harder it is to marble with. I actually read online that "mattes are good to marble with" and I have to disagree. I mean, mattes dry so fast! They fully dry faster than any polish I've used. Including so-called "quick dry" polishes. So... I really should have known better. Still, I gave it the ole' college try.

Not. Cute. Not even close. Still, I wanted to do something bright, fun and happy (happy thoughts!) with the sisters, so I broke out my skewer dotting tool and ta-da!!

Much better. :D I really love these colors together. All three of them. Just fabulous. And to prove that I'm not just blowing smoke, here's a shirt I own that matches Mitzi exactly.

I also have a pair of bell-bottom pants that color that my mom made when she was in high school. Used to wear them all the time and drive Aaron crazy. "Those pants are so ugly, why do you keep wearing them?" ;) Because I happen to like "hideous lime green" and bell bottoms are slimming. Duh. So what do y'all think of the Mod Mattes? Retro-funky or hideous and outdated? Do you have any? Or plan to get any?


  1. I love the dots! So bright! I still haven't tried water marbling yet, but I really want to do it!

    1. Thanks. :D You really should try it. Even just an accent nail. When it comes out right it's really an amazing effect. Just stay away from mattes!! (China Glaze and Sinful Colors work well, in my experience)


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