Saturday, April 7, 2012

Zoya: Lolly (Plus Ali Compare)

If you'll kindly look up a bit you'll notice I'm slowly, but surely, ticking away on my way towards duochrome fabulousness. :D Unfortunately non-polish, real-world things like to get in the way. Like food and cleaning and stuff. And video games! Last night I logged off real quick so Aaron could play Spore and he's been making some very interesting creatures with the new parts. Definitely freaky things going on in Spore. I took the opportunity to start working on the "Complete the game in 8 hours" achievement on Box Office Bust. I still hate that game, but I'm almost done with it. *phew* Since there are plenty of loading screens (and reloading since you have to play fairly perfectly to finish in 8 hours) I had more than enough time to dazzle up my nails with Phoebe's pink sister, Lolly!

I ended up using a super smooth basecoat (instead of the sticky one) and she tried to create her own crackle effect. So this is one thin coat and then one medium-thick coat to even everything out.

And that is all. She went on smoothly enough, dried fast likes mattes like to do and no chipping! Until I started trying to move boxes from the porch back into the house. *grumbles*

Oy. Well, I can't very well walk around like that. A whole naked nail is one thing, but this just looks tacky. So I took the opportunity to experiment.

Ok, so that didn't look as good as I had hoped. I've heard that crackles don't play well with mattes, and I guess that's true. In this case, at least. I'll try again with a slick topcoat next time. I also decided to see how similar Lolly and Ali are, since they're both pretty bright pinks.

I think Ali suffers from an identity crisis. LOL She's definitely more orange toned than Lolly, but not that orange! I'll still try her on her own at some point. If you're curious, she's not that shiney either. Ali dried semi-matte. The difference in these two was far more glaring (and tacky) than I anticipated so I just did another quick coat of Lolly over that and topped the whole shebang off with some fast dry topcoat.

I got this bundled free with SaGreena (before even Vacation Time and LMSC) and I do not like it. It does dry fast, but it's not really shiney at all and the brush is too stiff so it goes on streaky. So stiff is this brush that if your polish isn't already mostly dry it'll cut right through. I have to basically glob this stuff on and smooth it over. Still, it does dry fast so I'm just trying to use it when I don't need that smoothness to make a polish look it's best. I'll be taking this off after errands, because...... Reclaim is on it's way!! "Out for Delivery" so I should have it around 5:30 this afternoon. This excitement is right up there with a newly stocked clearance section or a really great 0 calorie chocolate cake. I know I'm still going to have to wait until morning to really see the rainbow, and I've heard topcoats dull holos, but still! I'm willing to use it on every other finger just to see if there's a big difference. That way if I have to repaint I'll only lose half my fingers. It's win-win! Just 4 hours and 45 minutes to go..... Oh please Mr. Postman, don't be late today!!


  1. that turned out great! well other than the chipping but there probally isn't anything you can do about that! totally didn't look streaky or those chicks just sucked! LOL

    1. Yeah. Still gotta try Mitzi one of these days, but Lolly was definitely better than those posts depicted. lol

  2. I need to send you Mitzi! I'll do that Monday!


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