Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Zoya: Ali (Meloned) & Completed Larry

Oh Ali. *sigh* I think this is a color that if you want to see what it really looks like, you'll just have to get it. I can only really partially recommend that, however, because Ali is.... well.... by far the absolute weirdest polish ever! I looked up swatches other people had and some come closer to the actual pink color that my camera just did not like. However, a few people claimed it was "opaque in one coat" and I still had VNL after three. It's a weird cream jelly that was not fully dry after 4 hours, even being semi-matte. Still a very pretty polish! Don't get me wrong there. The first coat went on super smooth, no streaking or anything. As always, the Zoya brush is fabulous and I hardly had to do any cleanup at all. Is that rambly enough? Here is Zoya: Ali in all of her kinda lumpy (from not being fully dry) totally color inaccurate glory.

After sitting outside gazing at Ali's awesome hot pinkness for a while I had an urge to do some nail art. Nothing overly complicated, but still fun looking. I had Ulta's Little Black Dress sitting out from yesterday's tips; dug out Ulta's The Jungle Look and voila!

It's not quite realistic, but that's okay. I don't really like real watermelons. I do like watermelon flavoring, though. lol I think overall my right hand turned out better. I also got the opportunity to test out a topcoat franken I made. Half empty bottle of kwik dry plus half empty bottle of crappy shiney plus a bit of thinner to fill it up. Shake shake shake and ta-da! It's not as quick drying or as shiney as it's parts alone, but it's a nice, smooth, middle-ground topcoat that didn't bubble or drag. Also, now I have an empty bottle to franken up an actual color as soon as I figure out what I want and how to get it. I think I want something denimy after my failed overalls.

While I was out snapping pics of my watermelon fingers I had this bug land on my hand. I blew it off and it came right back. I assumed it wanted it's picture taken, so here you go.

Then, before starting an octopus for my friend's daughter I decided to sit down and get the final achievement on Box Office Bust once and for all. Even if I had to sit there the full three hours in one shot and just pound it out. Thankfully, I did not. I found a track that took roughly 35 seconds to drive around, started up an untimed mission and just counted down from 360 (60minutes/hour * 3hours * 2) and I got the achievement around 219. *shrugs* Now I'm just going to show off a bit. First, the "screenshot" showing that I've gotten 100% achievements on 7 of the games I've played.

And the Box Office Bust specific screen.

So lovely. Aaron's gamerscore may be higher, but I have more completed games. It evens things out, I guess. Now to start on Isis' octopus. I think she's moving and starting at a new school so it'll be a nice little thing for her. I know firsthand how hard that is. Happy Tuesday, everybody!


  1. The watermelons are freaking adorable! However, Ali sounds like too much work for me!

    1. lol Right? I think with a good quick-dry topcoat it would be better, but I wanted to get the semi-matte finish in the swatch pic. Still, very weird polish.


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