Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Young and Simlish #12

The director said he wasn't working on anything at the moment, but thanked Stardust for calling. Before he could hang up she suggested that if he were to do some kind of martial arts movie she'd be happy to work on all the choreography and stunts and he promised to take that into concideration. As she hung up the phone Stardust was startled by a loud BANG as Johnny burst through the door.

He was drunk and reeking and furious over... lots of things, apparently. He rambling on about the paparazzi and underage groupies and low ticket sales and his asshole drummer and finishing off with a resounding "It's your fault, you know! What's up with your hair? Forget it, I can't take this anymore, we're over!!" and leaving as quickly as he arrived. Stardust stood there shocked and heartbroken when she suddenly felt a pair of strong hands on her shoulders.

"I'm sorry Miss Sanderson, perhaps he will come back around when he sobers up in the mor-"

"It doesn't matter if he does or not. If he comes by you call the police. Thank you, Ari, but I'm going to bed."

Which she did. She cried into her pillow for no more than twenty minutes before sleep took her. She didn't even register the new commotion downstairs.

Ari was still cleaning up the living room when he heard rustling outside. He was sure Johnny had returned and intended to confront him. What he found instead was a burgler! Unfortunately for the burgler Ari was still angry over Johnny's behaviour and ready for a fight! A fight which he easily won before returning to his housekeeping duties. It felt good to blow off some steam.

The next morning Ari didn't mention the would-be intruder, merely set about making breakfast while Stardust checked the mail. What could this be? Nobody ordered anything.

The package contained a heart-cut ruby (which immediately reminded Stardust of her awful break-up the night before), an ancient keystone, an even more ancient coin and a note.


I didn't know where else to turn. I believe you are the only one who can retrieve Pangu's Great Axe to clear the way for archeological progress. That is why I'm sending you this key. I hope you will concider taking on this quest. I can not pay you, but if my research is correct there is something beneath the Tower of Heaven which will be of great interest to you, personally. If you take on this challange: Explore thoroughly.

George T Crumpleman

Stardust can sense Ari's curiosity and explains the note to him. It is his opinion that she should go. If nothing else it will get her away from the recent unpleasantness here, and this archeologist's implications could bring her closer to some answers. He assures her that he will keep the house, and Dala, safe and ready for her return. The note does fill her with curiosity and his words fill her with confidence. If the director needs her she can always return early, right? Thinking back on her tangle with the mummy and defeating his curse she feels more than capable of exploring any tomb or cavern in Shang Simla!

Even so... she packs slowly. Watching Ari clean Dala's cage her heart is filled with longing. Before Johnny left her, Stardust was feeling as if things were nearly perfect in her life. Now? She's unsure. She's not an explorer or archeologist (she's barely even a celebrity), so why her? Hopefully, finally, she'll find some answers instead of more unanswered questions.


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