Sunday, April 1, 2012

Young and Simlish #11

"Curse?! No no no, I'm not cursed, I'm just sick!"

Ari patiently explained that he had seen her symptoms once before. His aunt visited Al Simhara and encountered a mummy that had been set free by a careless explorer. The doctors were baffled and only one woman, some psychic no one ever took seriously, claimed to know the cure. Two weeks later his aunt died and the psychic woman never stopped wailing about the "Mummy's Curse". He urged Stardust to please travel to Al Simhara and seek out this pyschic woman. He couldn't remember her name, but was sure she advertised on the adventurer's board.

As Stardust prepared to leave for the desert sands she stopped to say goodbye to her pet goldfinch, only to discover he had died. This does not feel like a good omen.

As soon as her plane landed she made a beeline for the Adventure Board at the Al Simhara campgrounds. She scoured the listings until she found one that looked promising. It was for The Psychic Dala who could tell your future using a variety of traditional (and not so traditional) methods and scrawled on the bottom was the cryptic warning: Beware The Mummy's Curse; next to which some joker had drawn a cross-eyed mummy face. It had already been four days since her own mummy encounter and if Ari's tale was accurate then time was running short.

It was fairly easy to track down The Psychic Dala, her humble home was offset from the rest of the neighborhood and appeared to be abandoned. Except for The Psychic Dala herself sitting on the front porch. Waiting. "Welcome Traveler. Where did you acquire the Curse?" Stardust thought it a bit presumptuous, but Dala explained she had a vision that a cursed one would come. Since no one ever comes for psychic readings anymore, it had to be her. "You must go to the Sphinx. Beg his compassion. Only he can rid you of the mummy's curse." And with that she went inside, closing the door behind her.

Stardust thought it a bit rude, but felt a bit sorry for this woman. If she's legit then it must be a hard life she has. Stardust could barely see the top of the Sphinx looming in the distance. It was a fair way to travel and each step filled her with a sense of urgency and impending doom. After another two days she finally reached the entrance to the Spinx. She could find no way inside and so she sat at his feet and, without feeling the least bit silly or ironic, begged for him to take pity and remove the curse.

She felt the ground shake and the sand whirl about her, but still she remained firm. With a flash she was teleported into the Sphinx and found herself in front of a glowing statue. The room filled with light and she was sure she would soon die.... but she did not. The wind died down, the earth stopped shaking, the glowing light vanished and she was left alone inside the Sphinx. The only thing that eased her mind was the redness was beginning to disappear from her skin and the itching was gone completely. She slept there in front of the statue for the night and the next morning she managed to make her way out of the Sphinx, crawling out of his eye and climbing down the outside, and went to share what happened with The Psychic Dala.

Did she find it odd that the place where the home of The Psychic Dala once stood was now a vacant lot? Given the rate with which sims disappear around her, Stardust barely gave it a second thought. Merely smiled and mentally thanked Dala before heading back to the airport. On the way she nearly stepped on this snake crossing her path. Stardust picked it up and decided it would make a nice replacement pet.

By the time she got home Ari was already asleep. She put her new pet snake, which she named Dala of course, into a terrarium and went to bed. She woke with a start and when she ran to the mirror she was back to her old self! Well, mostly. Her hair hasn't grown back and there is some scarring from the rash, but definitely better! She ran downstairs and thanked Dala again. She also thanked Ari and gave him a big hug as he came out of his room.

To celebrate her sudden recovery and lifting of the curse, Ari made a huge plate of french toast and let Stardust tell him everything that happened. When she asked him how his week went, he regailed her with the epic tale of his tangle with the ferocious racoon. They laughed and enjoyed their french toast. Stardust was glad to have hired such a knowledgeable butler, and Ari was glad to have been hired by such a nice sim. As Ari cleaned up the dishes, Stardust called up the director. She is glad for all she has and if she never becomes a mega-super-star, that's ok. But that doesn't mean she won't take advantage of the opportunities she does have!


  1. I'm falling in love Ari. He's such a cute butler!

    1. lol He really is! I kinda feel bad that she's already got a boyfriend....


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