Thursday, April 12, 2012

Xbox & Nabi & Random Updates

So, Xbox, you have thwarted me again. I fixed the disc tray on our old one, but now it doesn't want to read discs either. The good news is that we now have 2 Xboxs with identical capabilities (being able to play digital, if not physical, media) so it won't hurt anything if I dismantle the old one again (the one with a looser spindle) and see if fiddling with those two back screws does anything. :D With luck, it will. If not? We're no worse off than we are now. Trying to save up for a new/used one. Yay? Not really. The good news is that while I was tearing into the old one earlier I only just dinged my pinky! Which is such a relief, because I am loving A Lovely Secret and can't wait to show you guys.

I forgot to mention earlier: I found the names on the Nabi polishes!! You know how polish comes with that sticker on the bottom that says "remove here" or some such thing? Well... I never do. Until last night when I was dissecting the magnetics and it looked like there was a sticker under the sticker! There was and that is where the name of the polish resides. Under the giant (scanable?) barcode sticker. That's kind of a relief. Now I know that the "teal magnetic" is actually called "Sky Blue". In other Nabi news, I got a package today with the Pink and Navy Blue magnetic polishes! :D Thank you very much to whoever sent that. The invoice didn't say. Just said "gift". Weird. Anyway, Thank You!!

While I was cleaning out my car today I found a very interesting coupon wedged under my seat. Not for Ulta, but possibly just as good. Better even. It's for the new Burlington Coat Factory that just opened in our mall and it's $10 off any purchase of $10 or more. Wait a second.... Did I just say $10 off of $10?! Yes I did!! My plan is to walk into BCF tomorrow with a dollar to cover tax and get myself $10 worth of merchandise. We checked it out last week and I know they have nail polish box sets for $4-6, so I know it can be done. *evil laughter*

Since I also forgot to mention it, apparently this go-round on the Ulta Clearance section was OPI. Which I guess I forgot since I didn't get any. I just don't understand why Zoya and China Glaze and Piggy Polish and Ulta and even Essie get marked down to half-or-less of their retail price and OPI is still almost $7 marked down? Seriously? That is not clearance pricing. You want me to buy it? Take it down to $4. Thanks. On the bright side of that I did find where Ulta was hiding the Zoya Fleck Effects and I will probably be getting the green one.... Opal. Or Maisie is pretty, too. Still just a tad disappointed in Luxe and Lush and why does it always look orangey to me when Bethany got it to look so pretty? *pouts* lol Maybe I'll try some over A Lovely Secret and see if the purpleness helps.

I know I kind of stopped in the middle of simming. Once things calm down a bit I'll get back to it. I think I'm about Octopi-ed out for the moment. Until my mom is done with the blue, at least. Didn't forget ya, Sandy! Oh! And today I learned how to start/use the gas weed-eater my dad got. Yay! Was funny because he goes to pull the cord and says "You start it kind of like a chainsaw where you pull the string and kind of drop the weed-eater at the same time." Uh-huh, sure dad. Cuz I've started tons of chainsaws in my time. LOL I love that man.

Busy busy days. If I'm super duper lucky tomorrow I can manage to totally fix an Xbox and get some free nail polish. :D Keep your fingers crossed for me!

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