Monday, April 30, 2012

??? with Zoya: Opal

Hi there, lovelies. Yes, even though I'm about to reveal the big secret and you could probably gather from the thumbnail, I couldn't resist just a bit more mystery. So, what did I finally decide on?

Savvy: Gotcha Grape. Sorry for the wierd tint, but it did not want to show up as purple and I wanted to show you what it really looks like. Well "really" over a coat of black... and under the expensive 'white' light bulb I got for the table lamp. If you can focus on the nails and not so much my orangey fingers, that's about what it looks like for real. I almost picked Mink because the green and brown looked really lovely and organic together, but I just couldn't keep away from the purple/green contrast. One of my favorite combos. It really does pop, too!

I probably would have gotten the blue flakey yesterday, but watching Colette's swatch video (which you should be able to get to here if you're curious) showed that the green and blue look practically the same. So I didn't. And they didn't have the pink one. Anyway, you can kinda see Opal's blue side here:

You know I couldn't keep myself from reaching for the matte topcoat. ;)

In this shot you can kinda see how Opal almost blends in with the purple from certain angles.

I was going to try out Gilda, but.... I think I'm going to take a mild color break and try out Tao first. Oh, hey! I should be getting my heart-shaped magnet in soon. *fingers crossed* Happy Last Day of April!


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