Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Ulta: Sweet Nothing (oops)

Yep, you read that right. Ooops! I picked up Sweet Nothing a while back at Ulta (on clearance) thinking "This is cute. Would make a good base for a tradition french tip". That, of course, was before I saw my horribly stained nails all out in the sun. Then Bethany used it in a super cute jelly sandwich and it really looks like a perfect neutral nail-like color. So I was inspired! She was kind enough to pop by and let me know that it is, in fact, as sheer as I thought it might be. Now comes the part of the story where I should not be allowed to pick out my own base colors. For some reason I thought SH Titanium Chrome would be a nice, shiney, white base. I was wrong....

The stark blue-white of Titanium turned Sweet Nothing into kind of a weird purple/green (depending on the light) grey color. Not quite the subtle neutral I was going for. Still, it's not horribly ugly so I'll just keep it on for today. I did have an idea, though. Not necessarily a bad idea, it just didn't quite work out either. I thought "Well, if chrome/metallics work so well for stamping, maybe mattes will, too." I suppose they could. Maybe it was just the plate I was using. Either way, I just couldn't walk around with Hello Kitty only having half of her head.

Most of her came out ok. I think I'll try this again later with a different design. Something less detailed, maybe. I almost went and did some funky bright pink tips, but decided against it. No idea yet what I'm going to do tomorrow. lol

Aaron's been working hard with his latex. He's working on a giant fly-head mask that is very creepy looking. I'll get pics of that when it's done. The other night he did an effect on one of his friends and my phone-pic isn't great so you don't really get the depth that was definitely there in real life, but it seriously looked like someone took a melon baller to this guy's arm. So cool.

Tell ya, when I start looking at new phones my next one will have a better camera. lol Welp, he's off working on the yard so I'm going to take the opportunity to try and get one of these last achievements on Larry. Happy Hump Day, all!


  1. Poor Hello Kitty! Lol! Wow that arm looks so real! That's awesome!!

    1. Aaron says Thanks. :) I'm going to try to keep getting pictures since it's not something he generally thinks about. -_- lol


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