Monday, April 2, 2012

Tire Tale & Haul Roundup

Oh my goodness today has not been a good day for Lizzy. And I thought yesterday was brutal. Ok, so to recap: Saturday night I ran over a nail. I just let the car sit there and worried about changing the tire yesterday morning. I got 3/5 nuts loosened but two of them were really stubborn. Normally I am fully capable of changing my own tires, but these last two attempts have left me.... almost sad over losing those 30lbs. Turns out all I needed was Aaron to give me a little push to loosen those other two. Yep. I had the... crowbar-lookin'-thingy horizontal, leaned on it with all my weight and Aaron pushed on my back and that did it. So we got the donut on and just used my mom's van since we had to take the mower to go jungle-mowing. Which after only about a week's growth was.... sorta no problem. We knocked it out in an hour with both of us mowing, but it was 90degrees out and, yeah, we felt it. So I don't know why I couldn't fall asleep 'til 2am. I had to be up at 7 and I didn't hear my alarm, but thankfully I woke up anyway. Got to Discount Tire early enough that I had to sit and wait for almost half an hour for them to actually open. I love that place. They're always nice and affordable and you can do everything online before actually going. Well... mostly. Ok, first off this guy tried to talk me into getting some of those fancy rims. Haha, no. What he did talk me into was getting two tires instead of just the one. Which.... I really didn't want to spend the extra money, but that tire really did need it. And since I've got to get inspected this month I'd have had to replace it anyway. So, 40 minutes later and I have two new tires "fit to climb the Rockies" according to the sign dangling in the lobby. Cuz I totally plan on doing that soon. LOL Actually, those were the cheapest ones they had in stock. So, yay! Tires done. And walking around all day yesterday with a naked pinky didn't bother me near as much as I thought it would. Oh! And, the 100% acetone took all those 9 layers of polish right off. No hassle! Sweet.

The super downside is that now I'm tapped. Well, "now" after I explain where the last of my money went and why I'm going to try extra-super hard to not buy any more polish until I get the Beetlejuice collection. First, what I have. These I can blame soley on my loved ones. First Sandy informs me of the Sally Beauty sale and how they have the China Glaze magnetic polishes for $6.99 and the magnet is free! Well, my magnet wasn't free.... apparently they're doing better here than in Ohio so I had to buy mine for $6.99, but they are having buy 2 get 1 free! So....

I did get Cling On. 1. Because I said I wouldn't get any magnetics until I found a really good deal 2. Because it's green and 3. Because the name is Klingon Cling On! LOL To round out the B2G1 I also got:

Japanese Koi (which I have on now) because I don't have any neon oranges and Harvest Moon purely for the name. I love that game!! The color's pretty too. Mostly for the name, though. Aaron laughed because he knows how much I love that game. Seriously, I grabbed a tiny tv out of the shed and hooked up the playstation because he was "bogarting the tv" just so I could play all night.

But Sandy's not the only one to blame for my spending. My wonderful (seriously, I love that woman) mother-in-law included a buy 1 get 1 coupon with our yard payment yesterday. Yes, it's NYC (naughty list), but I wasn't about to hurt her feelings by not buying nail polish when she so thoughtfully clipped such a good coupon for me. So on my way back from tire duty I swung by Walmart and grabbed:

Manhatten, which is kind of a burgundy?, and Lexington Yellow. If you look I gave you a little preview of Japanese Koi. Totally could have cropped it, but I didn't. My gift to you.

In addition to all of that I also have kind of a virtual haul in the works. First up you may remember:

Illusion which should be in the mail tomorrow!! Tracker says it's in Belton and in a perfect world I could drive out and have it right now, but alas I have to wait. Bethany said she'd send me Mitzi since she really didn't like it, so I'm counting that.

Which means two thing! 1. Only one more of Phoebe's sisters to track down and 2. Just need a neon green and I'll have the whole rainbow!! :D

To help with part of that I turned to amazon. Pre-tires I had already set aside some money for Mitzi and Lolly (plus what I've been hanging onto for that damn Sanrio plate.... stupid summer can't get here quick enough.....)

So I popped Lolly into my cart for a grand total of $9.94, but wait! I had expected to purchase Mitzi as well. Oh, what's a girl to do? Well, if you're like me and have such wonderful blogger friends showing off their new holos and realizing you don't have any.... You start wanting a holo, too! So I did some digging and the OMG collection was way out. But what's this? Nubar holos are under $10? And what's this?! They have green! So after peeking at some swatches to assure myself I wouldn't (or, rather, shouldn't) be disappointed I added the sure-to-be-gorgeous Reclaim to my cart:

Only $7.99 and free shipping!! I also decided to be nice and took what was left of my cut of our travel spendy money and ordered the Spore Creepy & Cute parts pack for Aaron. He was going to give me some of his cut for it, but if we ever actually get into one of these make-up stores for the latex I want him to be able to get whatever he wants. He's been so good about not giving me a hard time about my polish collecting even after I said "don't let me buy anymore" months ago.

Now to touch up Japanese Koi (which is chipping pretty bad after overnight) so I can get some pictures. It's overcast, but unless there's something wrong with my eyes (ok, there's plenty wrong with my eyes, but I can still see color dangit!) it should still glow like it's supposed to. I'm dubbing this mani "a tribute to all the polish luck I've had" and I will explain why in that post. :D


  1. i can't wait to see the magnetic polish!! you totally have to do that next!! I might DIE waiting to see what it looks like and how easy it is to use!! LOL

    1. LOL Ok, I'll put it on tonight and send you a special preview picture so you don't die. *hugs*

  2. I had so much fun reading this post. I can't wait to see the holo!!

    1. Yay! Glad you enjoyed it. :) I can't wait either. My fingers are practically tingling after the disappointment that was Fire Opal.


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