Wednesday, April 4, 2012

"Sunny" Illusion & Prezzies

Ok, I'm beginning to think the "Illusion" in this polish is tantamount to that dancing frog in the old Warner Brothers cartoons and it's making me feel like a bit of a crazy person. The sun came out and this polish blinged with all it's might, but my camera just wasn't up to the challenge....

*SIGH* I did get a little treat while I was outside. We got another stray on the back porch. Poor thing hid from Jet and was so scared, but I managed to get this picture without getting too close:

We're kinda like the underground railroad for strays. They come, stay a bit and then we never see 'em again. I did grab a little bowl of kibble to put out on the porch and as I made my way to the back door I came across this:

Aw. Kitty kitties. The whole reason I was outside in the first place was because Tammy had prezzies for me and it ended up being a double dose of awesomeness!

My camera is such a spaz.... She picked these up and ended up not liking them so now they are mine! Muahahaha! *ahem* But there's a bonus! Yes they're neon, yes they're crackle; they're also Nabi! "OMG girl where did you find these?" "Walgreens?" "Which one?!" So I swung by the Walgreens she goes to and they did, in fact, have a huge display of Nabis! All crackle in all kinds of colors. But no magnetic. But there is hope! There are two more Walgreens (at least) in the area that I haven't checked yet. Don't give me that look! They're $5/each online and 3 for $10 in person. :p


  1. I have a question. Why is Models Own so expensive? On their site it says it's only 20 pounds for the set of 5. Does that equal 83 usd?

    1. I want to go ahead and get the 3 that aren't included in the box set as well. All of that plus shipping works out to about $82.10. The sucky part is they don't have any deals on shipping. The more it weighs, the more it costs. :/ And the pounds to dollars conversion is pretty insane. 1pound is $1.59. If I was going to get just the box set it would come out to about $53, if I remember correctly. Small bonus: at the moment, at least, they're offering a free eyeliner pencil with every order. :D lol


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