Friday, April 6, 2012

SC: Vacation Time (with CHI:LMSC)

I picked these two up a couple of weeks ago with the intent of using them together. So I did! Finally. By the time I got them home I just wasn't feeling 'em anymore so I put 'em off. Until last night. I started with two, very smooth coats of Sinful Colors - Vacation Time:

I saw this color described as a "dusty pink", but I don't really see that.... To me it looks more like a deep tan or burnt sienna? *shrugs* Over this I added one coat of CHI - Last Minute Shopper Copper:

Here it looks really red. To be honest, I didn't even notice the red base until I started applying it. In real life it looks more like this:

Only a little more shimmery. It's kind of an interesting color. I think in most lights the tannish base toned down the red. Interesting Fact: This is the second of my $2 HEB bin polishes that is selling for way more online. Hrm. Also, it's the only one of these CHI polishes I've come across (I sit and read the names while I'm looking through the bin) that doesn't have a risque sounding name. Unless "copper" is like "cop" and "shopper" has something to do with looking for a prostitute.... but that kind of feels like a stretch. lol Pretty regardless.

Yay! Just got Lolly in the mail. Now to see if she's really that horrid to apply or if the pics I found were just unfortunate. Aaron's Creepy & Cute pack came in, too, so he's going to do that while I try to get these last two achievements on Box Office Bust! Hope everyone has a phenomenal weekend.


  1. I need to try a CHI polish! I haven't yet!

    1. I hope you do. And hopefully you find it cheaply like I did. It is good polish, but I would not pay $14/bottle for it. LOL


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